Friday, December 31, 2010


Wow, what a 2010!!!!! Lets see. Wikileaks, wars, violence, progressive talk, more tax breaks for the wealthy, taxcuts for the middle class, midterm election, 9/11 mosque...what a headache! What's coming up? More of the same? Or a change? With all the change that's happening, I wonder if the teabagger candidates who claimed to be for the people, ended up being the same like their counterparts. For example:

GOP frosh: Where's my health care?

A conservative Maryland physician elected to Congress on an anti-Obamacare platform surprised fellow freshmen at a Monday orientation session by demanding to know why his government-subsidized health care plan takes a month to kick in.
Republican Andy Harris, an anesthesiologist who defeated freshman Democrat Frank Kratovil on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, reacted incredulously when informed that federal law mandated that his government-subsidized health care policy would take effect on Feb. 1 – 28 days after his Jan. 3rd swearing-in.
“He stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care,” said a congressional staffer who saw the exchange. The benefits session, held behind closed doors, drew about 250 freshman members, staffers and family members to the Capitol Visitors Center auditorium late Monday morning,”. 

“Harris then asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap,” added the aide, who was struck by the similarity to Harris’s request and the public option he denounced as a gateway to socialized medicine.

Harris, a Maryland state senator who works at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and several hospitals on the Eastern Shore, also told the audience, “This is the only employer I’ve ever worked for where you don’t get coverage the first day you are employed,” his spokeswoman Anna Nix told POLITICO.
Under COBRA law, Harris can pay a premium to extend his current health insurance an additional month.
Nix said Harris, who is the father of five, wasn’t being hypocritical – he was just pointing out the inefficiency of government-run health care.

Harris hammered Kratovil on health care throughout a bitter fall campaign, despite the fact that the conservative Democrat voted twice against the reform package backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), a close Kratovil ally.
“Although he voted against Obamacare, Mr. Kratovil refuses to commit to its repeal. Dr. Harris understands that the Obama-Pelosi-Hoyer agenda threatens to pull the plug on America's long-term health," Harris said in an Oct. 30 statement. “"In Washington, I will never vote to raise taxes, I will fight to repeal health-care reform, and I will work to balance the budget."

While on the other side of the health care  debate:

Tea Party Rep. Refuses Congressional Health Plan

 A newly-elected GOP Rep. announced that he is refusing the congressional health insurance plan in a show of solidarity with the American people.

 Rep-elect Joe Walsh (R-IL) told the New York Times that he will stick to his Tea Party roots and decline the government health care provided to members of congress.

“I don’t think congressmen should get pensions or cushy health care plans,” he said. But it‘s a decision that’s not being welcomed by everyone in his family. Walsh’s wife has a pre-existing medical condition, and she’ll now be charged with the difficult task of finding a plan on the open market.

Walsh joins two other Republicans in declining the government’s health plan. So far, incoming Reps. Bobby Schilling (IL) and Mike Kelly (PA) have made similar decisions.

But Walsh’s decision is in lockstep with some of his other positions. He’s a staunch fiscal conservative who wants serious entitlement reform, is hoping to repeal Obamacare, and is even against the recent tax-rate deal.

“We cut taxes, raised spending and contributed to the deficit,” he said of the deal. “Republicans should have held out for something better.”

That, along with the rejection of health care, may be politically incorrect. But Walsh doesn’t care.“I’m going to D.C. absolutely prepared to lose in two years.”

 I wonder how long that will last? Especially when his wife has a preexisting condition? But how much do you want to bet that she will get full coverage because he's a rep? Oh I say very well, but then, progressives in the Democratic party will then say that why can't they do the same for EVERYONE? Hmmm?

Ah, now my state. The Land of Nuts and Fruits! Yes and you see them nuts and fruits all over California. In Los Angeles, we have a plethora of fruits: mangoes, papayas, guava, avocados, grapes (table and wine), and it's growing wild! The cost of avocados are cheap! And because we are a Democratic state, with a lot of liberals, neighbors who don't have avocados, share with people who don't have papayas or mangoes with guava. So the costs in the supermarkets are relatively cheaper than other states. While in Northern Cal. my good friend Sparkydunc grows walnuts. And he says that there are almonds too. So the prices are relatively cheap, than say: Ohio, Nevada or Arizona. Still, I wonder why he waters the tree while it's raining? There is a drought.

But besides all them yummy fruits and nuts, there are is this new growth, shunned mostly by the right and that's green jobs. Yes, the high-tech jobs were sprouting, but the bubble burst because Republicans like: Carly Fiorina the former CEO of Hewitt Packard who tried to usurp Senator Barbara Boxer seat and former PayPal CEO Meg Whitman tried to defeat Governor-elect Jerry Brown failed, because, both millionaire/billionaire outsourced good paying U.S. job to the Philippines...see a pattern? I see California  growing technologically in leaps and bounds.

There are some questions as to why Brown would not accept federal money, but when fed money is borrowed from: Korea, China and Japan, the obligation would be for our state to use their products and not create a manufacturing base in this state. Yes taxes may go up, but with taxes comes jobs. Good decent paying jobs, and the more we invest into our state, the better the chances we will thrive. This is economics 101. Let me explain.

Republicans talk about balancing the budget and stop spending. Give tax breaks to the wealthy and jobs will form. Well, we tried that since 1981 and what happened? We failed. What happens when money isn't spent? There is no growth. Here is how it works:

01) Give tax breaks to local businesses.
02)  Local businesses hire local people and pay them a living wage
03) Local people then spend locally: food, clothe, car, home and so on
04) Businesses are then subsidized from the people
05) Businesses then can buy more products
06) Pay a decent wage
07) Get a tax break

And the cycle continues. This also includes funding our roads, traffic signals, police, fire and so on so people can travel safely to:

02)  Local businesses hire local people and pay them a living wage
03) Local people then spend locally: food, clothe, car, home and so on
04) Businesses are then subsidized from the people
05) Businesses then can buy more products
06) Pay a decent wage

07) Get a tax break

See the cycle? No one is getting wealthy, people are living the American dream and living a healthy life.

While the Republicans want to balance the budget and cut spending. So if spemnding is cut:

01) Don't give tax breaks to local businesses.
02)  Local businesses outsource jobs
03) Local people then spend their hard-earned money from products made in Asia
04) And if you become unemployed, and you're a 99er, you are out of luck.

Where then is the growth? I'll give 2 to 1 the lapel pin you are wearing to some Fourth of July event is MADE IN CHINA???

Therefore, I see California doing well. And if you teabaggers outside of California say California sucks, keep in mind, we control the imports from Asia and price will go skyrocketing if we go bankrupt. I see hope in our state.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is there Hope for Teabaggers?

Is the sky blue? Only if there is a body of water near by and the sun is out. But let me begin by saying I am NOT calling the Tea Party 2.0 members teabaggers. The T.P. 2.0 are friends and though we may not see eye to eye on some issues, we all agree that something happened on 9/11 and the 9/11 report is a fraud. We also support H.R. 847, or the First Responder Bill and are willing to pay taxes to support these heroes. Yet Teabaggers are folks who are: antigovernment but rely heavily on government to subsidized themselves in way of: guaranteed loans, clean water, clean air, medicare, social security and other socialist programs, but they are too stupid or too gullible to believe that they deserve all this because their taxes pay for it...and mine...and yours...But is there hope?

While chatting on the Mike Mally Chat on Ustream, do you REALLY think there is hope for the teabaggers? I answered my OWN question and said yes...after Mike was wondering is our country like: George Orwell 1984 or Aldous Huxley Brave New World?  Member Sparkydunc said, WHAT?!!? I then said yes, and Rush may be one reason why. How so? Their album 2112 Or for you non-Rush fan twenty one twelve. It's the year the revolution started. Is this date some sort of significance? The end of the world will end on December 21, 2012 on the Mayan Calendar...supposedly. Is the first one in 21 a play in words? Uh no. It's the drummer Neil Peart's birthday. 2112 or September 12. But then how does this signify a possibility of hope for the Teabaggers? The notes Neil Wrote just before the songs

"I lie awake, staring out at the bleakness of Megadon. City and sky become one, merging into a single plane, a vast sea of unbroken grey. The Twin Moons, just two pale orbs as they trace their way across the steely sky. I used to think I had a pretty good life here, just plugging into my machine for the day, then watching Templevision or reading a Temple Paper in the evening.

"My friend Jon always said it was nicer here than under the atmospheric domes of the Outer Planets. We have had peace since 2062, when the surviving planets were banded together under the Red Star of the Solar Federation. The less fortunate gave us a few new moons.
I believed what I was told. I thought it was a good life, I thought I was happy. Then I found something that changed it all..."
The Next part goes:
II. Temples of Syrinx

... "The massive grey walls of the Temples rise from the heart of every Federation city. I have always been awed by them, to think that every single facet of every life is regulated and directed from within! Our books, our music, our work and play are all looked after by the benevolent wisdom of the priests..."
III. Discovery

... "Behind my beloved waterfall, in the little room that was hidden beneath the cave, I found it. I brushed away the dust of the years, and picked it up, holding it reverently in my hands. I had no idea what it might be, but it was beautiful" ...

... "I learned to lay my fingers across the wires, and to turn the keys to make them sound differently. As I struck the wires with my other hand, I produced my first harmonious sounds, and soon my own music! How different it could be from the music of the Temples! I can't wait to tell the priests about it! ..."

IV. Presentation

... "In the sudden silence as I finished playing, I looked up to a circle of grim, expressionless faces. Father Brown rose to his feet, and his somnolent voice echoed throughout the silent Temple Hall." ...

... "Instead of the grateful joy that I expected, they were words of quiet rejection! Instead of praise, sullen dismissal. I watched in shock and horror as Father Brown ground my precious instrument to splinters beneath his feet..."
V. Oracle: The Dream

... "I guess it was a dream, but even now it all seems so vivid to me. Clearly yet I see the beckoning hand of the oracle as he stood at the summit of the staircase" ...

... "I see still the incredible beauty of the sculptured cities and the pure spirit of man revealed in the lives and works of this world. I was overwhelmed by both wonder and understanding as I saw a completely different way to life, a way that had been crushed by the Federation long ago. I saw now how meaningless life had become with the loss of all these things ..."

VI. Soliloquy

... "I have not left this cave for days now, it has become my last refuge in my total despair. I have only the music of the waterfall to comfort me now. I can no longer live under the control of the Federation, but there is no other place to go. My last hope is that with my death I may pass into the world of my dream, and know peace at last."
 The story was inspired by Ayn Rand's book, but much to the chagrin of Rand and her followers, the lyrics were inspired by the record company's pressure for the band to become more popular and they said no. And the leaders of Megadon City were priests, making the planet a THEOCRACY, not a DEMOCRACY. Not resisting the government. Think for a minute. The band is from Canada. The government TELLS the people to pay taxes so poor folks can get medical and dental. The band had every opportunity as multimillionaires to live permanently in the U.S, and pay less in taxes, but refuse to do so. And as permanent residents to the U.S. theuy're paying taxes again in the U.S. And Rand Paul, the tax-hating Republican loves this band.

So with more Teabaggers listening to Rush and enjoying 2112, all they need to do is research the band and realize that rich people, like the band members from Rush, knows the importance of a truly free society...even if it means to pay taxes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

And they call Muslims evil???

Wow, its been five days and no posting...STOP SLACKING TIM!!!!! I actually had a brain dead moment and could not think what to write. So what did I do? Go to Facebook and read some of the 1,000+ friends I am friending for ideas. Boy (no pun intended), did I find a doozie! Special thanks to: Ed D. and Sherry E. for posting this link:

Vatican Christmas Shocker! Pope says child rape isn't that bad, was normal back in his day

This story makes me vomit. I wish ALL religion was gone

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lt Dan Choi

I have mixed feelings about the overturning of DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell). On one hand, the military cannot kick someone out who is an LGBTQ. On the other hand? What about DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act)? Will LGBTQs be allowed to sign a contract that allows same sex couples to marry? Will the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) pass? All these civil rights that have been addressed have not been resolved. DADT was resolved, but that just means LGBTQs won't get kicked out of the military when they admit they are not straight. But what does that guarantee? V.A. benefit? What about to the partners of the soldiers? If for example, Lt. Dan Choi were to be KIA (Killed In Action), will his partner, or husband receive benefits a straight spouse would receive? Most likely? No...but I can be wrong. Because of DOMA: Public Law No. 104-199, 110 Stat. 2419 states that:

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman for purposes of all federal laws, and provides that states need not recognize a marriage from another state if it is between persons of the same sex. 37 states have their own Defense of Marriage Acts (DOMAs), while 2 more states have strong language that defines marriage as one man and one woman. There are 30 states that have constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage, including the three states (Arizona, California, and Florida) that passed constitutional amendments in November 2008.
Therefore, the Republicans and Blue Dog Dems who supported the overturning of DADT probably were more interested in getting more bodies to fight their illegal war than allowing same-sex partners to marry.

According to Servicemember's Legal Defense Network, an advocacy organization for LGBT military personnel, over 12,500 servicemembers have been discharged from the U.S. military since the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was signed into law (1993) and enacted in 1994.

That's 12,500 less bodies fighting for corporate America on a war that had nothing to do with 9/11. And now Pakistan is in the sights of the Obama administration? I am happy that Lt Choi stood his grounds and now has the opportunity to serve...

  • Also see:

While Choi has no right to marry his partner and receive federal benefits. First step for civil rights in the LGBTQ community? Yes. But the struggle continues and lets treat all LGBTQs as human beings and not as mere pawns on the war on error.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is Joe Arpaio on the take?

I saw this on Facebook and flipped:

Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio You can tell you getting close to Chrismas near the Wells Fargo building, because there are 6 protestors earning Xtra Xmas money.

First of all he can't spell Christmas and protesters. But he said something interesting...protesters are earning money protesting. Not a big deal? Well, it can be libelous, but there is something more. Why are the people protesting? Mainly because of the banks betted on derivatives, causing the housing bubble, the crash and Bush's TARP...which according to

Fed Releases Data on $3.3 Trillion in Financial Crisis Bailouts

Much of it went to foreign banks, but billions of your tax money went to Wells Fargo. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Joe Arpaio, as Sheriff, sworn to uphold and protect the people while defending the Constitution? Yet his comments about protestors (SIC) receiving "CHRISMAS" (SIC) money is polar opposite to that of office he holds. My opinion only?

He should be out there with his deputies protesting. Heck, he should be arresting the CEO at that Wells Fargo who are ordering the homeowners to move out, when it was W.F. who raised the interest rates so they can profit on their bets that the homeowner would default and lose their homes. Why isn't he? Why is Arpaio doing the will of Wells Fargo and not the people? There is a connection with Joe and Wells Fargo building according to Phoenix NewTimes:

Joe Arpaio Could Be Booted from Pricey Wells Fargo Pad by 2011

Board spokeswoman Cari Gerchick told me the county is putting down a half-million dollar deposit on the building, which has a total price tag of $12.5 million. If all goes well, the county will close on the property by the end of September, and Arpaio and his top brass could be in there sometime in 2011.
Imagine if the Teabaggers in Arizona read this? No wait, they can't read. But wouldn't it be interesting if the people in AZ finds out what he wrote?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anchor Babe Michelle Malkin

Before I write this blog, lets go to Merriam Webster Dictionary and do the liberal thing and look up a word. And that word? in Michelle Malkin.


noun \ˈm(l)-kən, ˈmal-\

Definition of MALKIN

dialect chiefly British : an untidy woman : slattern
dialect chiefly British a : cat b : hare
The most accurate dictionary online and well-respected. But with that, Michelle can actually be in deep trouble and it may not be her fault. But her stupidity or at least her facade of being this tough-on-crime Republican make get her deported. How so? She's an anchor baby. What is an anchor baby?

Lets find out what a conservative anti-illegal immigration group says:

Babies born to illegal alien mothers within U.S. borders are called anchor babies because under the 1965 immigration Act, they act as an anchor that pulls the illegal alien mother and eventually a host of other relatives into permanent U.S. residency. (Jackpot babies is another term).
The 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868 to protect the rights of native-born Black Americans, whose rights were being denied as recently-freed slaves. In 1866, Senator Jacob Howard clearly spelled out the intent of the 14th Amendment by writing:
"Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country."
The original intent of the 14th Amendment was clearly not to facilitate illegal aliens defying U.S. law at taxpayer expense. Current estimates indicate there may be over 300,000 anchor babies born each year in the U.S., thus causing illegal alien mothers to add more to the U.S. population each year than immigration from all sources in an average year before 1965.
Michelle's parents came illegally from the Philippines, shat her out and had like the above-mentioned racist quote, became citizens. These people they align themselves with can't seem to look past their noses and so long as someone as idiotic as Michelle Malkin spew her anti-immigration rant including anchor babies, they leave her alone. Reminded of hearing how Jews would turn Jews over for cash or hoping the Nazis would not take them away. Or how the Japanese American Citizens League would comply with the U.S. only to be taken away...Hmmm.

Which leads me to this question. Since Michelle Malkin is willing to overturn the 14th Amendment and would love to deport American-born babies along with their parents, would I stnad up and fight for Malkin's right to remain as I would for all anchor babies? That, my good person is a tough question. Why? Because she chose to go that the expense of her OWN freedom and rights

Monday, December 13, 2010

Racist have the rights to not hire "Negroes"

What? Is Tim going nuts? An Asian American supporting a teabagger who is planning to discriminate against blacks? You bet, and I'll tell you why. First Amendment right. The freedom of speech. BUT BUT BUT. No but, a racist has the right to not allow a "NEGRO" in their place of business. Here is the story
Mark Prior

He has EVERY RIGHT to not serve anyone. But then there is a catch. The guy above is named Mark Prior. Prior said, “I’m going to stick to my guns because I think I have the right as a business owner to reject service to anyone. It’s not all the black people there are just a few bad ones,” But what prior forgets is: He needs to go to City Hall to apply for a business license. And when you apply for a business license, you are afforded privileges. Privileges like reduced cost service to the police, fire, and so on. Though private clubs can legally discriminate against anyone,  I wonder if he'll pay retail price for city/county services? There will be no tax breaks. The fact that Price was stupid enough to display his racist dirty laundry would only make things tougher for him. Discrimination on part of the city/county? Nope. But since the city hall is a public entity and is obligated to keep their town democratic under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, there is no obligation to offer privileges to Prior nor are there a timetable to do so.

Good luck Mr. idiot!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rest In Peace Emi san

One of the reason why I became a liberal was for the freedom. The freedom to choose, The freedom to be free. The freedom to be what I want to be and not what others make me. I look to others for inspiration and take from them that which I can use in my life. One such inpiration was Frank Emi. He passed away and I'm bummed.

Frank Emi, Leader of Heart Mountain Draft Resisters, Dies at 94

Nisei defied the government during war, and later led movement to educate the public on the resistance movement
I had the honor to meet Frank san. (the san in Japanese shows respect) at the APSU (Asian and Pacific Islander Student Union) Conference and with the NCRR. He was a proud man, he was a warrior, but he looked upon me as his equal. His voice was powerful and presence was strong. He stood up to the government but had a humbling spirit. When he was 73 years old and even at that age, I dare not get him mad, he would whip by butt! Ironically? As strong and powerful a warrior as he was? Like many Japanese American men he would never cross a woman who is cooking. As much as a liberal as he was, as much as he wanted to help. The women say stay out and he did.

Frank san was a great person, and I would sit and listen when he spoke. I would be enthralled by his speeches and learn from his experience. Here is Emi san's comments on Redress: I miss the guy. I really do, but I believe the torch of freedom and civil rights have been passed on to us. Lets not let the flame die.


The following photos are people benefiting off of socialism:

How was it that three "conservative" organizations are socialist?  Because we as a common(wealth?) collectively pay so that our homes, are not burned down. We aren't robbed, raped or murdered or some enemy decides to bomb us with a nuclear bomb. We pay them so that everyone regardless of income are protected.

Remember this?

No pay, no spray: Firefighters let home burn

I'm sure you do. Gene Cranick of Obion County and his family lost all of their possessions in the Sept. 29 fire, along with three dogs and a cat. Because he forgot or could not afford to pay the fire bill. Huh? When we pay taxes, we make sure that everyone has protection. And how much does that cost? A lot less than losing your home, family, pet and so on. Socialism is not an evil entity. Teabaggers scream: NAZI GERMANY WERE NATIONAL SOCIALISTS! Uh, when is a monetary policy a political party? It isn't. Capitalism is not exclusively a Republican financial policy. It's also for socialist too. How so?

Think and use that gray matter between yer ears. How do you pay for the above mentioned?


You have to be a capitalist in order to get money and collectively (socialism) to fund the program. And something the teabaggers don't understand, where do they get medicare? From the government. So why do they have signs that read:


Oh and Canada? Don't do what we're going through. OK?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Julian Strikes Again

Julian Assange has a lot of followers. Many of them are geeks (thank goodness for them) for whom no one should mess with. While listening to KFI and switching to KTLK to listen to Thom Hartmann, I heard Rush Limbaugh say that he likes Julian. I said...WHAT??? Assange was exposing the Bush Crime Family's eight years of terror and deceit. Yet it dawned of me. Limbaugh is panicking. Well, he's playing it safe. How so? Because he realized or at least his webmaster probably warned him about the DoS attack on Limbaugh's website. What is this DoS Attack? From Wikipedia:

A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Although the means to carry out, motives for, and targets of a DoS attack may vary, it generally consists of the concerted efforts of a person or people to prevent an Internet site or service from functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely. Perpetrators of DoS attacks typically target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers such as banks, credit card payment gateways, and even root nameservers. The term is generally used with regards to computer networks, but is not limited to this field, for example, it is also used in reference to CPU resource management.[1]
One common method of attack involves saturating the target machine with external communications requests, such that it cannot respond to legitimate traffic, or responds so slowly as to be rendered effectively unavailable. In general terms, DoS attacks are implemented by either forcing the targeted computer(s) to reset, or consuming its resources so that it can no longer provide its intended service or obstructing the communication media between the intended users and the victim so that they can no longer communicate adequately.
Denial-of-service attacks (a form of cyberterrorism) are considered violations of the IAB's Internet proper use policy, and also violate the acceptable use policies of virtually all Internet service providers. They also commonly constitute violations of the laws of individual nations.[2]

Piss off these geeks, and the group could cripple Limbaugh's website. i don't remember Fox News criticizing Wikileaks either. and they won't. Because the moment they do. The moment Glenn Beck says something stupid, down goes their site. And both Limbaugh and Fox rely heavily on their website for income. So it's merely a self-protect mode that neither have the capability to defend. Most geeks are liberals. There are some conservative hackers, but many are the ones who are harassed by the jock or made fun of by the cheerleaders. So how does that boy or girl/man or woman seek vengeance? Not with their fist, but by collapsing the economy. They have the capability of taking down a country's economy by going after the banks. BofA is on the Operation: Payback, (the same group who took down a Swedish Bank) radar and what I'm hearing is that BofA is nervous. While local banks and credit unions are doing well.

Getting back to the boy or girl/man or woman, they are at the helm getting ready to take down the culprits who destroyed our economy. Who want to censor Assange and seek vengeance from the other geeks and nerds don't get the butts kicked. This is their battle and they are rising a lot faster than Microsoft can put out patches to prevent DoS attacks. Frightening, huh? But suffice to say, the next revolution will not be with WMDs. It'll be with the person's brain.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We are Who We are Because of

Intellectual curiosity. What does that mean? The ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations and wanting to learn and to question authority. And that includes God too. The teabaggers and Republicans are probably freaking. DO NOT QUESTION GOD! IT SAYS SO IN THE BIBLE...Does it? Where? Because you lack the I.C. to answer this, the closest thing I can think of is:

Luke 4 vs 12: American King James Version
And Jesus answering said to him, It is said, You shall not tempt the Lord your God.
When is questioning the existence tempting? Maybe: Dear Jeebus, if you give me a $100 trillion, I will be a good servant vs. saying does god exist? Does your bible permit this?

Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
So does your religion ask you to NOT be curious and to seek? It actually encourages it and that's why, liberals, progressives and conservatives tend to be more curious and intellectual than say the teabaggers. Why conservatives? Because it was the conservatives who questioned the events to 9/11. Liberals and progressives knew why it potentially happened, as Ron Paul said, "They attacked us because we are occupiers." The conservative sect agreed and went one step further and asked: was it truly Afghanistan, Iraq and Al Qaida? The liberals and progressives took that risk and are now asking the same question. The conservatives point to the federal reserve, New World Order and organizations like: Skull and Bones, CFR and Bilderberg. The Libs and progs are not too far behind. Yet at the RNC and the Teabagger movement, it was the darker-skinned Asians (they call Muslims). Funny thing about calling them brown skin folks Muslims, have you seen a photo of East Asia? They don't look brown skinned. Even Malcolm-X had a change in heart about white folks when he met Muslim who were white.

But because of our intelligence, we have the capability to question not only the Bush Crime Family, but also Obama (you know, the half black-half white guy from Kenya? (idiots)) and his policy of compromising with Boehner's republicans. We say he has no spine and want him to go up to the republicans, stop compromising, end his relations and philosophy of Rahm Emmanuel,. Support the people and get us back to work. I can't agree with liberal who say let the republican destroy our planet so that we could pick up the mess. Because, if we do, we and our planet will die.

Intellectual curiosity needs to be harnessed so that not only liberals, progressives and open-minded conservative would thrive, but because being a brane dead moran teabagger would only lead us to the way of the dodo.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decmber 7...Was an Inside Job

Every December 7 is a painful and upsetting moment for me. Not just because I'm of Japanese ancestry, but the fact that people still have not learned that the attack on Pearl harbor was no surprise attack. Photos of Japanese midget sub sunk by the U.S. Navy are on the website of the University of Hawaii's School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology in Manoa. If you want to see the photos and read the investigation, Google Japanese Midget Sub. Yet the same questions I asked they asked:  A number of questions still remain over this submarine, which was the first casualty in the war between the U.S. and Japan. Why did the Naval command at Pearl Harbor apparently ignore a confirmed enemy sinking right off its harbor mouth? Why? Because the U.S. wanted this to happen.

Pearl Harbor in my opinion was an inside job. How so? Because prior to the "surprise" attack, there were laws prohibiting Asian into the United States and the ones who were, were prohibited from owning property. For example:

01) May 6, 1882 Congress passes the Chinese Exclusion Act

02) California Alien Land Law of 1913: The California Alien Land Law of 1913 prohibited "aliens ineligible for citizenship" (i.e., all Asian immigrants) from owning land or property, but permited three year leases. It affected the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Korean immigrant farmers in California.

03) The Immigration Act of 1924:limited the number of immigrants who could be admitted from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States in 1890, down from the 3% cap set by the Immigration Restriction Act of 1921

These three laws and many more were implemented to suppress the growth of the Asian immigrants, so to bypass these laws, the offspring, the second generation would have property under their names and California flourished. Japanese for example farmed and owned most of the west coast. In my neck of the woods, it was not clear when the first Japanese came to Riverside California , but by the mid-1890s, sizable numbers of Japanese men worked in the citrus groves that were the backbone of the city's economy. By 1900, as many as three thousand Japanese laborers lived in Riverside during the citrus harvest, though their numbers waxed and waned with the agricultural cycle. They worked in the groves alongside Whites, Chinese, Koreans, and Mexicans.

Not all the Japanese were agricultural workers, though. In 1890, the first Japanese-owned grocery store in Riverside was opened by the Kumaru brothers, and in 1895, the first Japanese-owned restaurant was started by Isokichi Ezawa (serving 'American' food). Two more Japanese grocery stores were opened in 1900 and 1901 and they quickly began to serve as contractors for Japanese laborers, serving as middlemen between the Japanese workers and the citrus plantation managers. In 1902, Yagichiro Kinoshita started up a large-scale chicken and hog ranch in west Riverside . By 1908, a Japanese Association (Nihonjin-kai) had been established and had about four hundred members-presumably all or most of the adult Japanese men in Riverside.

Then the problems started: anti-Japanese hostility sometimes flared up when White laborers feared economic competition. In 1896, for instance, a group of White laborers attacked some thirty Japanese laborers and drove them out of town. Similar incidents took place in the nearby cities of Redlands, Rialto, Highland, Upland, Cucamonga, and Corona between 1895 and 1905. With the Japanese Americans doing so well in the local business, there had to be a way to end this. After much lobbying and racist laws implemented, Pearl Harbor was attacked and 120,000 Americans were placed into concentration camps.

Pearl Harbor played two roles for Roosevelt.

01) To go to war
02) To promote fear of a Japanese and Japanese Americans

Funny thing was, when the Japanese and Japanese Americans were placed into the concentration camps, the agriculture on the west coast dwindled. Why? Because just like the Dust Bowl in Kentucky, without proper irrigation and farming experience like crop rotation, the soil was annihilated and many Japanese Americans who were in the concentration camps were released and paid to work on the farms which they lost.

Fast forwarding to today:

It appears that even with all the evidence present, there are many who believe that the attack was a surprise. I am on Facebook and I am friends with teabaggers and Republicans. Why? So I could share the stupidity of the conservative party with all my liberal friends. Like So:

Michael Higgins The liberals say it was America Mistake and horrible to drop the A bomb on Japan. But Peal Harbor was perfectly Ok to happen to America according to the Liberals. Bill Clinton the other ass hole democrat president apologized to Japan for Dropping the A bomb. I wonder if Clinton every dropped a wreath in the water at Pearl Harbor and said a real prayer? America, Remember Pearl Harbor day This Tuesday
I got this from Jan Brewer's page and like Michael (above) of Miami Florida, there are many who still types the same illiterate garbage as Michael. Michael is a self-proclaimed teabagger who is against socialism but supported the attack by not questioning a socialist president??? His English is atrocious and I have relatives in Japan who cannot speak a lick of English but can write a lot better than him. But this is the mentality we face. I am a Democratic liberal as you know Mike and I do question and have called Roosevelt and Truman murdering racists. I may support their socialist agenda, but the violence brought upon my people is unquestionably racist. But Michael and many Republicans cannot see this.

. There were 2,403 people killed on Decmber 07,1941, 68 of those were civilians. 1,178 were wounded. Of the 68 civilians. most if not all were from friendly fire. When the U.S. shot upwards, the bombs and bullets landed on the homes of the locals. When will these teabaggers learn the true history and not be sheep to what they fear the most? The New World Order?

Rest in Peace soldiers, you were murdered by your own GODDAMN country.

Monday, December 6, 2010

...And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

OK OK, so I lifted and changed the quote from Rush (the band) song 2112 Overture..OK OK, They lifted it from Matthew 5:5: Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. But I digress. Rocking intro though, ain't it? AGAIN I DIGRESS! So why did I quote Rush and change Meek to Geek? Because the pimple-faced fat guy for whom you picked on, may be the savior of democracy. How so? Because:

These folks are non-violent. These folks were probably beaten up because they are geeks. These folks are mad. These folks can be your neighbors who may not like weapons of mass destruction, so these folks are revolting. And they are revolting hard. They are liberals, conservatives, libertarians, Christians, Muslims, Jews, tea party (not teabaggers), Asian, blacks, Hispanic, Native Americans, whites who probably realized the oppression like: the censorship of the Internet, the heavy hands from the government from their corporate masters (Gramm Leach Bliley, Citizens United vs. FEC, NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO, GATT, Bilderberg, CFR and so on), the soldiers whose father, mother, brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin, wife, husband, lover, same sex partners died and  


They can't fight. They probably don't have the training nor the wherewithal to pick up a gun, missile, knife, rock, brick, or other weapons of mass destruction to defend themselves. They themselves were probably raped, beaten up, sodomized, tortured and they feel that what Julian Assange is going through they went through too. This is their revolution and I suspect the first round has started. No one died, no one was hurt, no one was tortured, but now the elite who once controlled us with fear, are now fearing these geeks.

You started this. You used OUR police and Sheriff's Deputies and federal agents, who answer to us; against us. You used our commons to silence us. Apparently, no more. The war has begun and and in this war, no amount of fear or oppression or violence will stop these people. The pimple-faced kid you made fun of has now revolted. Remember the four boxes to preserve liberty?

Four boxes preserve our liberty: the soap box, ballot box, jury box, and cartridge box (in that order)
 In the geek world, they too have four boxes, but instead of the cartridge box, they have a more power box called their computers. That box with a little power and modem can take down anything. They took down a bank. What makes you think they won't try their best and end the war? Eliminate net neutrality? There are seven continents on this planet. Shut one down and you have five more to deal with.

Good luck

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

The Japanese American Jewish...and it AIN'T THE WORD JAP!!!!!

The last thing I want to be is an antisemitic. I am not an antisemitic, because the Jews are by far, more civil than the Christians. But I do not like the leadership in Israel screwing with the Palestinians and using their religion to mask their racism.

I lived in East Los Angeles all my life. And the only thing I knew about Jews was: They were screwed by Hitler. That's it. Also, I saw the Hiding Place and it portrayed the life of Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Christian Holocaust survivor. I then was transplanted to Portola Jr. High (Middle School) and met a school full of Jews. No, none of them wore a Yarmulke, but they looked a lot like me, minus the skin color. They were nice people and I became friends with them and I did a few not-so-nice thing (NO I DID NOT HURT THEM!!!!)...lets say, I dated a few of them nice Jewish girls...then I got a lesson about kosher. None of them were kosher, they ate the same garbage I did too. They couldn't care less about their religion. I also had friends who had their bar mitzvah. They asked if I wanted to attended and I said no. I live too far...I WAS ONLY 13! These were good people and I keep in touch with them.

Then I got older. I've seen on the news how the white supremacist (today's teabaggers?) were assaulting them, calling them names and vandalizing temples and schools. I was appalled. Why? Because they weren't southern baptists? I know southern baptists who were treated like crap by the white supremacist groups. It wasn't religion.


Maybe I thought but there was something more. Living in Los Angeles and Hollywood being a part of Los Angeles, I kept hearing about how the Jews owned: banks, Hollywood, entertainment centers, media and so forth. I then found out that MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Warner Bros. were Jewish. And the ONLY hire Jews and promote their Jewish agenda. Bugs Bunny is a Jewish agenda? It made no sense. Whatsoever. Then fast forward to 2000 C.E. I heard of this thing called Zionism. Zionism according to Wikipedia states:

Zionism is primarily a nationalist[1] or national liberation[2] Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, has supported the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland.[3] Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily to advocate on behalf of the Jewish state and address threats to its continued existence and security. In a less common usage, the term may also refer to 1) non-political, Cultural Zionism, founded and represented most prominently by Ahad Ha'am; and 2) political support for the State of Israel by non-Jews, as in Christian Zionism.
Sounds like them Christian evangelists and a pretty raunchy group of people, all in the name of religion. That is until Donna Halper, the woman responsible for the BAND Rush told me that there are other forms of Zionism, and not all Zionists are conservative:

Zionism does not have a uniform ideology, but has evolved in a dialogue among a plethora of ideologies: General Zionism, Religious Zionism, Labor Zionism, Revisionist Zionism, Green Zionism, etc. However, the common denominator among all Zionists is the claim to Eretz Israel as the national homeland of the Jews and as the legitimate focus for the Jewish national self-determination (as shown, among others, by Gideon Shimoni).[4] It is based on historical ties and religious traditions linking the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.[5]
Pretty liberal for an organization for which many people, including some Jews voice their opinion against. There are rumors that the Rothschild  family funded Hitler's war. How true that is I do not know, but worth looking into. And was part of the Transfer Agreement. But who knows? I mean our former president's Father and grandfather supported Adolf Hitler. But with all thios, does that mean that Jews are evil? Uh no. Actually, the Jewish people in Europe are indebted to Japanese Americans.

MOT Partnership with Go For Broke Foundation

Oral Histories from the Go For Broke Educational Foundation
The Museum of Tolerance in partnership with the Go For Broke Educational Foundation presents oral histories from members of the Japanese American 522nd Field Artillery Battalion in the United States Army. A selection of video interviews with veterans of the 522nd provide personal accounts of the liberation of the sub-camps of the Dachau concentration camp complex in Germany.

522nd Field Artillery Battalion

(Presented in partnership with the Go For Broke Educational Foundation through a grant from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program.)

522nd soldiers with liberated Dachau survivors
The Japanese American 522nd Field Artillery Battalion was one of the driving forces that helped to liberate Jewish survivors of the Landsberg-Kaufering Dachau Death March and Dachau sub-camps. It was also one of the first allied troops to help liberate the Dachau sub-camps and the only Japanese American combat unit to fight on German soil. The irony of the 522nd's encounter with the Dachau inmates was that many 522nd soldiers and/or their family members were also incarcerated in segregated camps in their home country during the war.

The 522nd was activated on February 1, 1943 in Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The 522nd earned the reputation as one of the fastest, most efficient artillery units in the European Theater operations in World War II. The artillery provided valuable support fire for the Japanese American 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Joseph Ichiuji, a 522nd veteran, said, "Whereas the American camps were for the duration of the war, the German camps were for the extermination of the Jewish race. Yet, the reasons behind these acts are the same and that is the singling out a race through acts of racial prejudice."
So what does that mean? They liberated one of the camps? Think for a second Republican teabaggers. Americans of Japanese ancestry were placed in a concentration camp. So were the Jews. Yes the Japanese Americans were not gassed or hanged, but they were placed into concentration camps. They liberated the Jews, but could not liberate their own family. It was the Christians who screwed with my people but the Jews who supported, welcomed and opened their homes to my relatives and people.
A good Christian woman

 Yet the Jews were grateful. So I am not an antisemitic, because my dad's dead cousin and uncles who fought the Nazis in the 442nd would disown me. But the issue I have are the AIPAC: American Israel Public Affairs Committee. They would sell their people out to get their agenda across, much like Roosevelt did in the past. But does that mean to be antisemitic? No. Does that mean to succumb to the right? No.But if an organization is willing to kill the lives of innocent people should we then NOT typecast them as Reichwinged fascist?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jan Brewer hates Americans!

Pretty powerful comment for a woman who hates illegal immigrants and undocumented workers, but hear me out. We all know that she wants to deport every last Mexican: undocumented, documented, legal and citizen out of Arizona. Her accusation of headless corpse in the Arizona desert was blown out of the water by her own employees: Arizona coroner's office, so what now? Well it seems that Jan Brewer has a vested interest in the immigration issue than she does with U.S. citizens.

I was appalled by this story. Let me introduce to you Arizona's U.S. citizen:

 Francisco Felix, 32, a father of four who has hepatitis C and is in need of a liver, received news a few weeks ago that a family friend was dying and wanted to donate her liver to him. But the budget cuts meant he no longer qualified for a state-financed transplant.

He was prepared anyway at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center as his relatives scrambled to raise the needed $200,000. When the money did not come through, the liver went to someone else on the transplant list
Randy Shepherd, who needs a heart transplant, showed scars from an earlier operation. He hopes a decision is reversed.
Neither of these folks are: illegals, undocumented nor undesirable. They are hard-working family men. But Jan Brewer seems to have an interest in spending the stimulus money she didn't want:

...Advocates have called on Governor Brewer to use some of the state’s $185 million in federal stimulus funds to restart the procedures. Brewer, who opposed the stimulus, says all the money is gravely needed for other projects. Which she will not name.
But she's willing to house, feed, clothe, give free medical, dental, and so forth to undocumented workers than pay to have U.S.citizens in AZ cured of their ailments? Jan was against the Obama stimulus money, so why not use it on U.S. citizens? Because she does not care about U.S. citizens

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A little humor

Here's a smile coming your way!








Life really boils down to 2 questions...

1. Should I get a dog.....?                              


2. Should I have children? 

No  matter what situations life throws at  you... 

No  matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem.. 

Remember  there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

You're laughing aren't you?     
That's good 'cause my job here is  done!  

Have a great day and remember to give thanks.... 

Cats are so dramatic!!