Monday, March 28, 2011

The animals are suffering

 Imagine if these were your pets?
Homeless and starving, pet cats and dogs left to fend for themselves after Japan's disasters

Japan crisis: 'There’s no food, tell people there is no food’

Japan has hit rock bottom.

Japan’s survivors scavenge for food in aftermath of tsunami

“I am so ashamed,” says the 43-year-old construction worker after he realises he has been spotted. “But for three days we haven’t had enough food. I have no money because my house was washed away by the tsunami and the cash machine is not working.”

My mind: Japan vs. America

What am I feeling? Am I finally going nuts as I wrote to Mike Malloy? Am I going to have a nervous break down and go psychotic? Funny thing, especially amongst older (oh gawd) Japanese and Japanese Americans, suicide is not to be taken lightly. So I do NOT have any desire to slash my wrists, jump off a building or as my post below mention, commit seppuku starting from my groin...ouch. It would bring dishonor to my family and shame. But I am still angry.

The men and women from the Mike Malloy Skype Chat said it is normal to be angry. Even in the book of fiction called the bible, it reads:

King James Bible
Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

So it is normal and to a degree, encouraged to be angry. But when my anger goes to the point of violence and violence I mean: demanding the government of Japan and the CEO of TEPCO to commit suicide, that frightens me. It frightens me because it's justifiable in Japan but totally foreign in the U.S. My culture also says to endure (gaman) because it cannot be helped (shikata ga nai) but I cannot. My western part of me says rage. The Japanese part of me says to (gaman). Which do I follow?

If you know anything about Japanese history, it is not respectful to show off. If you've seen Seven Samurai with Toshiro Mifune, there was a part where the poor farmers were looking for samurais to protect their homes from marauders. You would see a samurai walk down the dirt road with a toothpick in his mouth, acting as though he ate a large meal. When in reality, the poor guy was starving. The samurai would never work for food as it is shameful and his culture does not permit him or in my case, me to show off. And when I say show off, it can also mean: Feed me I am hungry. Show off means to remove the mask of ones life to show to the world. That is disrespectful.

I then know that my rage, my anger is shameful because, the people in Japan are not complaining (monkutare) but are enduring. I rage about the government, I rage about TEPCO. I rage about the religious nuts who say that Jesus is responsible for this because Japan is NOT a christian nation. And I get really pissed off. But then again,. I need to keep my mouth shut and remember to: (gaman) because (shikata ga nai) and I conflict between two cultures. Which is right? Which path must I follow so that I could appease both sides? If I rant and rage and speak my mind, my family would be shamed. But if I keep everything in and (gaman) because (shikata ga nai), then I would become unhealthy.

 I am relatively safe here because no one knows my family name, except for a few folks for whom I trust, but if word got out that I am doing what i am doing, then this blog would vanish and that would be unfair, because I pour my heart into this blog, but I do not want to insult my family and our name, because our relatives in Japan are the victims of General Electric, TEPCO, the Japanese government and Hitachi and they are not complaining (monkutare)...sigh. What do I do? I do not know.

So as long as my name is anonymous, I will still keep doing what I am doing...and write.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Instructions for TEPCO and Japanese government

And I am NOT joking

How to Perform Seppuku (Hari-Kari)

Commonly known as hari-kari to foreigners, seppuku is the ancient Japanese tradition of ritual suicide. Reasons to commit seppuku included junshi (June-She) (killing yourself upon the death of your lord), funshi (foon-She) (to express great indignation), kanshi (Khan-She) (to rebuke one's lord for his behavior), to atone for dishonorable actions, or to avoid capture, disgrace, torture, and/or execution in battle. The art of seppuku is as complicated, if not more so, than chado (Chaw dough) - the Japanese tea ceremony

    • 1
      Recruit a kaishakunin (kai-Shaw-coo-Knee-n). This will be your assistant, and the one who actually kills you. If your seppuku is a death sentence, a kaishakunin (kai-Shaw-coo-Knee-n) will likely be provided for you. Otherwise, you can ask a iaijutsuka (E-aye-Jew-Tsu-Ka) (practitioner of the technique of killing with a single sword stroke), or a close personal friend.
    • 2
      Find yourself a garden or Buddhist temple (Shinto temples should not be defiled with death). You should be dressed in all white, and sit in the seiza (say-za) position (legs drawn up under your body, so that you actually sit on your heels). The kaishakunin (kai-Shaw-coo-Knee-n) will place before you a sanbo (san-bow) (an unlacquered table), with a sake (saw-keh) cup, a sheaf of washi (wah-She) (paper handmade from mulberry bark) along with writing accoutrements, and the kozuka (Co-Zoo-Ka) (disemboweling blade).
    • 3
      Empty the sake (Saw-Keh) cup in two drinks of two sips each (the number four, shi (She), also means 'death'). Write a poem in the waka (wah ca) style (five lines of five, seven, seven, five, and seven syllables), which involves graceful and transient emotions. You should not at all mention your own death.
    • 4
      Slip out of your outer garment (kamishimo) (Cah Me She Moe)  and tuck the sleeves under your knees to prevent yourself from slumping to one side. Now, pick up the kozuka (Co-Zoo-Ca), while with your other hand placing the sanbo under your buttocks, so that you lean forward slightly.
    • 5
      Plunge the blade deep into the left side of your belly, drawing it across to the right, and cutting sharply upwards at the end. If you feel capable, you may then plunge the blade into your groin and cut upwards to the sternum, followed by a horizontal cut at the base of the rib cage.
    • 6
      You have now mortally wounded yourself with honor. At this point, your kaishakunin will inflict the death blow, nearly beheading you (a full beheading is reserved for lowly criminals).

Tips & Warnings

  • The kozuka (Co-Zoo-Kah) can be either a tanto dagger without a hilt (wrapped in several sheets of paper to get a better grip), or your own wakizashi (Wah-Key-Zaw-Shi (traditional samurai side-arm).
  • If you are considered too old and feeble (or dangerous) to wield a kozuka (Co-Zoo-Kah), it will be replaced with a fan. The kaishakunin ((kai-Shaw-coo-Knee-n) will kill you as soon as you touch the fan to your belly.

Is this too violent for the eyes of liberals and progressives? I am truly sorry if I offend you, but that is the way of my culture. And as liberal as I am, I will not give up my culture and history for a political belief. But if it's too graphic, I deeply apologize. On a lighter note, and in all honestly ? Teabaggers are too low to commit Seppuku.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The White Christians Perspective On Japan

I was hesitant about posting this because I have and love a lot of liberal and progressive white friends and Christians, but

haydence haydence                Open Question

The Japanese quake/tsunami was sent by God himself as punishment. Atheists, will you take heed?

It's quite obvious that the quake/tsunami was punishment, brought down by God himself. His anger at atheistic Japan is apparent, even a moron can see that. Atheists, will you take this warning that God has sent? He sent this warning because he loves you. He loves all his creations and wants everyone on Earth to love him. You have been warned.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I don't know what to believe in anymore

JISHIN! Then TSUNAMI! And now KAKU BAKUHATSU! What's next? Three things Japan experienced

01) Earthquake
02) Tidal wave
03) Nuclear explosion (well soon according to WAPO)

Japan steps closer to a full-blown nuclear catastrophe
Japan stepped closer to a full blown nuclear catastrophe Tuesday after the third explosion in four days appeared to have damaged equipment inside the reactor, apparently creating a path for the escape of radioactive materials, and a fire broke out at a separate reactor where spent fuel and hydrogen ignited. Tokyo Electric Power Co., owner of the seaside nuclear complex, ordered the evacuation of all but the 50 most essential workers and the Japanese Prime Minister addressed the nation urging people within 19 miles to stay indoors and remain calm.

Or is it? Are what people and expert correct when they say that the reactor in Fukushima is slowly melting but there is little or no concern about escaping radiation or is this merely a lie so that nuclear lobbyists can still sell their radioactive wares? Is it truly safe or can this happen here in the U.S.? I read a disturbing letter from Greg Palast:

Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants
The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators
for Truthout/Buzzflash
by Greg Palast
  The [Obama]Administration, just months ago, asked Congress to provide a $4 billion loan guarantee for two new nuclear reactors to be built and operated on the Gulf Coast of Texas — by Tokyo Electric Power and local partners.
What? Even after this:

The Obama administration wants to put a nuclear plant in the Gulf, with help from the publicly-traded corporation TEPCO? And now with the threat of nuclear catastrophe, the same project manager wants to put the same flawed design in our country? What is going on? What in the name of all that is sane is going on? It's amazing our planet has not swallowed us up and destroyed all that is evil and stupid!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wisconsin in California?

Protest against Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker seemed to inspired many to keep collective bargaining or to use collective bargaining as a voice for the working class against the ruling class. In Wisconsin, the ruling class are the corporation while in the private sector, the same is happening. One such is the possible strike from the UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers)

An Extension Agreement has been signed with Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons through March 31, 2011. 

Here is a statement of the members at UFCW.

Southern California Grocery Contract Set to Expire
Vons, Ralphs, and Albertsons management refusing to meet in timely manner

The union negotiated with management to extend the deadline from the sixth, which is today, as of me blogging to the 31st. I spoke to the members and none of them want to strike. The last strike lasted 141 days. Morale was waning, but they held their ground. When the contract was negotiated, it seemed that the UFCW sold out its members, but then, this happened:

Judge certifies class-action cases against Ralphs, Albertsons

gavelgavelA federal judge in Los Angeles has certified two separate class-action lawsuits against grocery chains Ralphs and Albertsons -- the latest step that moves forward a legal fight between the retailers and 9,000 workers who claim they were illegally denied millions of dollars in benefits during the 2003-04 grocery lockout and strike.

Federal Appellate Court Finds Supermarkets Violated US Law in 2003-2004 Grocery Lockout

The 9th Circuit Federal Appellate Court today issued its opinion holding the Supermarket employers involved in the 2003-2004 Grocery Lockout in violation of U.S. anti-trust law in forming a mutual assistance pact to gain advantage in a labor dispute.

“This decision is a vindication of our position that the market’s actions were in violation of US law, unfair and damaging to consumers,” said Rick Icaza, President of the union representing grocery workers, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 770.

In other words, the union took down the giant and won. Read the story. So as I sit typing this blog or watching the protest in Wisconsin, I am eager to see union members from all over protesting the same giants who took advantage of workers and our commons for a quick buck. And unlike the previous protest, I see a better relationship with the community.