Sunday, September 11, 2011


Who would have known? Not me. Well, maybe so many years later, but not at the time. Amazing how so many things pop up after the fact, but could it have been prevented? Did they wanted it to be prevented? Who knows. But it sure seems to be so especially after the interview by Norman Mineta

Why did former Secretary of Transportation say what he said? Mineta is a man of integrity and Bill Clinton picked Mineta as the secretary of Commerce. And within that six months, Japan thought that Mineta would be Japan friendly. Boy, were they wrong. Mineta said what he said because he did not want to lie. He was responsible and his testimony should have put the Bush Crime Family in prison.

Fast forwarding 10 years, things still have not changed and we're still in war and now our economy sucks. Maybe it's time that we end these memorial. I mean there is no memorial for OKC bombing or the attack on the USS Liberty. Why? We were healed. Cannot the 9/11 be the same? Or was it truly an inside job so that we could remain in war?