Sunday, June 26, 2011

If Only

Michele Bachmann says she would make divorce amongst heteroes a felony

Views: Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said as president she would back a constitutional amendment that would only offer marriage between a man and a woman
Views: Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said as president she would back a constitutional amendment that would only offer marriage between a man and a woman and making divorce a felony.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Education Dilemma

I hate math! I'm an Asian American and I hate math. How does that joke go? How do you know your house was burglarized by an Asian/? Your math homework is done and your computer is upgraded. The computer part is a cinch. The math? Let's just say that English is my forté...and I'm speaking French. AAAUGH. But I digress. It's more than just breaking stereotypes, it's an actual phobia of numbers. But I wasn't always like that. When i was in the sixth grade, I asked my mom if she could teach me calculus. When I saw her book from Japan, it had weird designs!

I looked at the formula and I was enthralled. When my mother taught me, I was actually getting it. Then something happened. I had to go back to reality and learn basic math. Then when i went to Jr. High (middle school for you young ones), I remained in remedial math...all the way to high school. But this apathy which started in elementary school encompassed my whole educational process and I sucked at: English, science, history, government, social studies...except P.E. Hell, I even sucked at the trade classes like auto mechanic and agriculture. Looking back, you know that saying hindsight being 20/20, I was bored.

My mother teaching me calculus (without a calculator) broke me from the mold of do your homework and return it back to your teacher. I mean it was refreshing! Then I got the news from my counselor. Tim you are not graduating. You cannot walk and will have to attend summer school to receive your diploma. My counselor said if I applied myself, I would have graduated like my relatives before me.

That destroyed me.

I said no more. I am going to get my diploma, join the Army and travel. The Army didn't want me. So what was I supposed to do? Oh well, I was a goof, so I might as well go to the 13th grade. I attended community college. I wanted to be an LAPD cop. But the LAPD didn't want me. So I dropped out of the Administration of Justice program and got into general ed. I just took classes for the Hell of it. Then I met a guy who said if I wanted an easy A, take Asian American Studies. I did and something strange happened. I was interested.

Back from K-12, I learned this: Columbus Discovered America in 1492. Then the Pilgrims came. Then the forefathers. Then there was the revolutionary war because of taxation without representation (LIE:, then the settlers head out west. you can see the wagon trails  to this day. Then the east and west met, Then WW1 then WW2, then VE Day. Then VJ day and the next grade up it started all over again. Same thing for 12 years.

But in community college., my instructor said, "This is not high school. I could not care less if you want to come to class. If you fail then it's your decision." I had the opportunity to do what I want? I loved it! So what did I do? I learned. I started to take classes because I wanted to learn. I learn that yes, Columbus came to the Americas in 1492 and in 1493, came back and raped, murdered and enslaved the Carib and Aruac Natives in the Caribbean Isles. I learned that the pilgrims were also murderers, cut-throats and the civil war was not to free the slaves but to destroy the economy's south because of the free labor.

I also learned about the rednecks at Blair Mountain and their movement for labor rights in the 1900s. I learned about what happened to my family during WWII

Not only did I learn, I got mad. I was mad what happened, and then I was mad that the commons failed me from K-12. I brought this up to the Principal in my high school and he stopped corresponding with me when I asked: why must A.P. students learn about what happened during WWII, the surprise attack that was NOT a surprise, the All-Japanese American military company, the torture of Aruac and Caribs, the genocide and so on.

I told him how boring school was because the curriculum was just rehashed over and over and over ad nauseum ad infinitum. I also brought up Rednecks and the discussion about 40 acres and a mule came up and some black friends were pissed that Japanese Americans received compensation and not them? I had to explain that the last of the slaves died in the early 1990s I believe so reparation does not apply.


They can receive reparation for Plessy vs, Ferguson, They asked what's that? I said: Separate but equal or Jim Crowe Law. The 14th Amendment prohibits that and it wasn't until Brown vs. the Board of Education that overturned PvF in 1954. So anyone born before the BvBOE were victims of Plessy and qualify for reparations. I learned this in college but not through K-12. Why? Because the district is racist? Not necessarily. But with NCLB making it worse, it's the answer to being naive and educationally dumbed down.

But this is what motivated me to learn and honestly, I can go back to my school and challenge the instructor. But it all happened when I graduated high school, albeit late. is there hope? So long as we don't allow censorship to happen, the ONLY alternative to stupidity is a liberal/progressive educational system. And what is the difference between a liberal educational system and someone like Michele Bachmann? The opportunity to criticize and critique any and all information. Many were taught to not question authority, but the failure to do so leads to being gullible. Who would have thought that the Boston Tea Party was NOT about taxation but the corporate takeover of small businesses by the East India tea company or the Wal Martizing...thanks to King George's harebrained idea of bailing out the company? Eventually you start asking about

Sherman anti-trust Act
Glass Steagall
Gramm Leach Bliley
Patriot Act

And other important topics that would vastly affect you and me and the future of our children. In conclusion, we will need to revamp our educational system and learn to use critical thought to make it past the first grade. We also need teachers and professor to teach what is the truth without the corporate influences watering down the truth. And maybe, MAYBE one day I'll like math. Oh and support your teachers and professors.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Japan Times is censoring news or opinion criticizing the government, General Electric and TEPCO. I have sent various opinions and counter opinions that none have posted. Prior to the nuclear disaster, my opinions used to post once ot twice a month. I even had an argument during the 2008 elections of an effigy of Sara Palin being hanged. I told the people in Japan that it's part of our Constitution that allows us to speak our mind. And I told the editor that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy and Secret Service had no problem. But it all stopped. Then i stopped, until I read a letter from a conservative named Grant Piper of Tokyo. We had our back-and-forth and I hope Japan Times post my opinion. This is what he wrote:

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Impossible to live without risks

In the debate about continued use of nuclear energy in Japan, I do not understand the demand to abandon nuclear energy unless industry and government can "prove to us that they are 100 percent confident that the plants are safe and that accidents such as those that occurred at Fukushima after March 11 will never happen again," as Kristin Newton writes in her June 16 letter, "Proving one's nuclear confidence."
If one refuses life choices without a foolproof guarantee of safety, then how can one live? Life is risky, all the time, and eventually every one of us will die. Failing a reliable safety guarantee, the next option is to define and pursue a reasonable degree of safety. That definition and pursuit ought to frame the debate, not a mawkish appeal to our or our children's safety.

Demanding 100 percent safety is a fetish of the petulant and disgruntled who want to press their point in a time of crisis. It contravenes the definition of right reason.
Sometimes they have a good point, and sometimes they don't. But the demand doesn't get us anywhere. Getting out of bed in the morning is dangerous. You start your day and you don't know how it will end. Accidents happen. That's why they're called that.

For the record, the nuclear industry is statistically safer than any other kind of commercial power production. We don't need accidents like Fukushima, Chernobyl or Three Mile Island to tell us that nuclear power is dangerous.

We know it's dangerous, and that excessive safety claims are mere rhetoric to help us live with ourselves.
Driving a car or flying in a commercial carrier are more dangerous (they kill or maim more people) than the nuclear industry, but we do not abandon them every time there is a highway accident or airline incident. But I could be wrong.

The opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are the writer's own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of The Japan Times.

So I responded back by writing a letter to the editor about his comment

I have to agree with Grant Piper's piece: "Impossible to live without risks" of Tokyo. Yes, there are risk we face everyday. As Piper said, "Getting out of bed in the morning is dangerous. You start your day and you don't know how it will end. Accidents happen. That's why they're called that."

Well Mr. Piper, if you've come to the conclusion that with the increase of radioactivity and the possibility of radiation sickness and death is part and parcel for your life, fine. Call it an accident as you accepted your fate. But please, don't collectively group the other 127 million people in Japan nor the 350 million U.S. citizen who by no fault nor choice of their own will be affected.

Accident you say? Even then back in 1973, three scientists claimed that the plant in Fukushima was a disaster in the making, yet the government and lobbyists continued down this path? Sure seems like premeditation to me, and now our lands in the United States' west coast, livestock and people will be affected by the inanity of a few who made off with a lot of money? And you still call that an accident.

I mean if you feel hopeless and you reside to the fact that shikata ga nai is the only proper terminology in this lexicon of nuclear disaster, fine. But please do not pull the rest of us down to your level.
I doubt they'll post this. so I'll post it here in my blog. If you want you can send a letter to the editor...I dare you!

Monday, June 13, 2011 - The Website of the Republican Majority in Congress - The Website of the Republican Majority in Congress

I was surprised how the Republican Party stress the importance of budget cutting and wasteful spending, but blatantly forces everyone to pay for their website. is a governmental, tax-paid site promoting the GOP. Here is the about:

A Pledge to America - Following Through on our Promise
Americans need no reminder that the challenges we face are enormous. Our economy has declined and our debt has mushroomed with the loss of millions of jobs. The social fabric that binds us as citizens, families and communities is unraveling. Voices in and out of government whisper that our standing as the world’s leader of democracy and economic growth is ending.

The American people do not accept these counsels of timidity, failure, and despair. In town halls and on public squares, in every corner of this country, people have gathered and spoken out – in small groups and larger crowds, through phone calls and in letters, through websites and new technologies.

Legislators in Washington have imposed an agenda that doesn’t reflect the priorities of the people. What’s worse, the most important decisions are made behind closed doors, where a flurry of backroom deals has supplanted the will of the people.

It's time to do away with the old agendas: that much is clear. It's not enough, however, to swap out one set of leaders for another. Structure dictates behavior, so we have drafted this blueprint on a process of listening to the American people and fielding their concerns and ideas for turning things around.

The American people have humbled us. They have reminded us that the privilege to serve is temporary. Hard work and tough decisions will be required of the 112th Congress. No longer can we fall short. No longer can we kick the can down the road. In November, the people voted to end business as usual, and thus, we begin carrying out their instructions. This is our guidebook as we move forward.

This is our Pledge to America.

Speaker John Boehner holds up a copy of "A Pledge to America" at Tart Lumber Company on September 23, 2010.
Email Updates
Get the latest status of promises made in "A Pledge to America" sent directly to your inbox.
But what happens if we're not a part of the Republican party? At least with organizations like:,,, these group answers to little ol' me, yet the caters only to the Republican party. Some of you may say, big deal! Wjhat about the Democrat[ic] party?


Who We Are
Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. -- Kennedy
Our Party
Our Party

For more than 200 years, Democrats have fought for the interests of working families and equal opportunities for all Americans. We believe in an America where we don’t just look out for ourselves. We’re proud of our individualism, but we also know that we rise and fall as one nation. Throughout history, Democrats have worked from the ground up to bring about the change that matters.

Our History
Our History

The history of our country is a history of change. America’s genius throughout has been its ability to renew our promise to provide citizens the opportunity for a better life—and though our own history isn’t perfect, the mission of the Democrats has been to make that promise a reality.

Our Leaders
Our Leaders

Throughout history, Democratic Party leaders have fought to make the changes that matter most to the American people. Today, a new generation of leaders continues that proud tradition.

In Your State
In Your State

In states, cities, and neighborhoods across the country, Democrats are working to build local organizations from the ground up. Democrats in every state help with electoral efforts, voter registration, candidate recruitment, volunteer recruitment, and training.

Get Connected
RT @mddems: @GovernorOMalley is expanding early vote & adding online voter reg. GOP Govs suppressing the vote instead
3 hours ago
Latest News
June 13, 2011
In a video today, President Obama and Vice President Biden launched the Campaign to Cut Waste, an initiative to identify and eliminate needless spending by the federal government. This campaign aims to ensure that your tax dollars are not being wasted and that the federal government is operating as efficiently as possible.

Paid for by the Democratic National Committee -- 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC, 20003.
This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Even the right winged Democratic wing the DNC:

DLC - Democratic Leadership Council
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    About the Democratic Leadership Council
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    Pays for their website and hosting. Why then are the Republicans forcing:

    America First Party 2002

    American 3rd Party 1990

    American Nazi Party 1959 World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists
    American Party 1969

    American Populist Party 2009

    American Reform Party 1997

    American Third Position Party 2010

    America's Independent Party 2008

    Boston Tea Party 2006

    Citizens Party of the United States 2004 New American Independent Party
    Constitution Party 1992 U.S. Taxpayers' Party
    Communist Party of the United States of America 1919

    Christian Liberty Party 1996 American Heritage Party
    Democratic Party 1828
    Alliance of Democrats
    Freedom Road Socialist Organization ( faction) 1985

    Freedom Road Socialist Organization ( faction) 1985

    Freedom Socialist Party 1966

    Green Party of the United States 2001
    Global Greens
    Independent American Party 1998

    Independence Party of America 2007

    Jefferson Republican Party 2006

    Labor Party 1996

    Libertarian National Socialist Green Party 1997

    Libertarian Party 1971

    Modern Whig Party 2008

    National Socialist Movement 1974

    New Union Party 1974

    Objectivist Party 2008

    Party for Socialism and Liberation 2004

    Peace and Freedom Party 1967

    Populist Party of America 2002

    Progressive Labor Party 1961 Progressive Labor Movement *
    Prohibition Party 1869

    Raza Unida Party 1970

    Reform Party of the United States of America 1995

    Revolutionary Communist Party, USA 1975

    Socialist Action 1983
    Fourth International
    Socialist Alternative 1986
    Committee for a Workers' International
    Socialist Equality Party 1966 Workers League International Committee of the Fourth International
    Socialist Labor Party of America* 1876 Workingmen's Party
    Socialist Party USA 1973

    Socialist Workers Party 1938
    Pathfinder tendency (unofficial)
    U.S. Marxist–Leninist Organization 1981

    United States Marijuana Party 2002

    United States Pirate Party 2006
    Pirate Parties International
    Unity Party of America 2004

    Workers Party 2003

    Workers World Party 1959

    Working Families Party 1998

    World Socialist Party of the United States

    To pay to host their website when none of these people are in no way connected to them? Is this what the GOP stands for? Forcing their policy and belief on others and if we don't follow, pay for them to host their website on a taxpayer-paid server? I think it's time we stand up to the GOP and say: No, we won't pay for website using tax money