Saturday, January 29, 2011


Remember when the Bush Crime Family was getting ready for fir the illegal war, we heard, ad nauseum/ad infinitum: YOU NEED TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS! Or FAILURE TO DO SO WILL MAKE YOUI A TRAITOR! Or  UNAMERICAN! Well, does this also apply to the members of Congress?

Bachmann plan would cut veterans benefits
By Rick Maze - Staff writer
Posted : Friday Jan 28, 2011 5:30:31 EST
Tea party favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has unveiled a plan for cutting $400 billion in federal spending that includes freezing Veterans Affairs Department health care spending and cutting veterans’ disability benefits.
Her proposed VA budget cuts would account for $4.5 billion of the savings included in the plan, posted on her official House of Representatives website.
Paul Sullivan, executive director of Veterans for Common Sense, said cutting veterans’ health care spending is an ill-advised move at a time when the number of veterans continues to grow as troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan. Sullivan said he finds it difficult to see how VA could freeze health care costs without hurting veterans.
“It is really astonishing to see this,” he said.
In a statement, Bachmann said her plan is intended for discussion purposes as an example of ways to cut federal spending to make it unnecessary to increase the current $14.3 trillion limit on the amount the U.S. government can borrow.
The debt ceiling will be reached sometime in March, according to economic forecasts, but many lawmakers — especially members of the tea party movement — have been talking about cutting federal spending either instead of, or as part of, a move to increase the debt limit.
Bachmann is one of those opposed to allowing the U.S. to borrow more than $14.3 trillion. “I’m against another increase of the government’s debt ceiling,” she said. “Instead of making it easier for Washington to spend more of your tax dollars, I’m calling for Congress to do the hard work of making real and necessary cuts in federal spending.”
Her list of cuts doesn’t explain the impact of freezing veterans’ health care funding, but the Congressional Budget Office said in a report issued in October that health care costs have been quickly increasing. VA’s health care budget was $44 billion in 2009, $48 billion in 2010 and is at $52 billion this year. The report forecasts a health care budget of $69 billion or higher by 2020 if trends continue, the report estimates.
Bachmann’s idea of cutting costs by reducing veterans’ disability compensation by the amount received in Social Security Disability Income is not new. The proposal, which would affect more than 150,000 veterans, has long been on a list of possible budget options prepared by the Congressional Budget Office, which describes the option as a way to “eliminate duplicate payment of public compensation for a single disability.”
The average SSDI benefit is $12,800 a year, according to CBO
In their annual budget options report, CBO analysts predicted strong opposition from veterans if the two benefits were offset. The report suggests the cost-cutting option would draw less opposition if veterans already receiving both payments were exempt from the change. Having it apply only to future benefits awards would mean about 3,000 veterans a year would be affected.
The two veterans’ program cuts now advocated by Bachman were included in an Oct. 28 report from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, about ways to cut $343 billion in federal spending. The think tank’s report projects that a freeze in VA health care costs would save $2.5 billion.
The report said cutting veterans’ disability compensation for those receiving veterans’ disability income would save $1.9 billion, which is roughly the same savings now claimed by Bachmann.
According to CBO’s estimates, saving $1.9 billion in one year would require applying the change to all veterans receiving both payments. Applying it only to those who become eligible in the future would save only about $40 million in the first year, according to CBO.

This is what the Vets and Soldiers are saying at Military Times. And unfortunately, there are no dissent in their tones. Maybe I'll comment. But regardless, the Republicans, the so-called fiscal conservatives, are truly being fiscally conservative and are cutting the same organizations that they once called us traitors because we were against the war. Well apparently, the Republicans who supported the troops were also blind-sided by the fact that they supported the wrong troop. It isn't the troops, but the weapons manufactures the Republicans in Congress support.

Oh and I am on Facebook and will try to get some comments from the Teabagger Patriots er Tea Party

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obama's SOTU

I missed the SOTU and from what I heard from Coast to Coast A.M. by guest Dr. John Curtis, he seemed quite pleasant about Obama's speech. Curtis said that Obama hit all the right notes and that the economy is getting stronger than when Bush was in office. He also brought up raising the debt ceiling and increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporation. but one thing Curtis said made me turn my head sideways, and that was his praising of Obama who told Korea to make jobs building televisions in the U.S. or he would raise tariffs. Huh? Tariff's are made to prevent the flooding of a good when a good is made in said country.


There are righties out there who probably won't agree with me and would call me a traitor or a nut case. But think for a second. Wouldn't you want to make U.S. made T.V. sets in the U.S. than to have a U.S.-made-Korean-product? But it creates jobs! Yes it does, but what is the difference if the T.V. is made in Korea or the U.S. if profits from the set goes back to Korea? You're saying what? Whenever a television is sold: L.G., Samsung or other H.D. T.V. from Korea, the profits goes back to Korea. What happened when Toyota was lured to kentucky? This:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Toyota Boshoku closes plant in Kentucky

Auto supplier Toyota Boshoku America is closing a plant in Leitchfield, Ky., and instituting other cutbacks in the wake of the contracting U.S. car market.

Erlanger-based Toyota Boshoku America said in a Monday release that the plant, in western Kentucky, will suspend operations indefinitely by July, and its trim cover operations will be consolidated with its plant in Chavez, Mexico.

Toyota Boshoku said its three trim cover plants are currently running at less than 50 percent capacity.

“It is my sincere hope that there will be future business opportunities that will allow us to re-open this facility,” said Nate Furuta, chairman and CEO of Toyota Boshoku, in the release.

Employees losing their jobs will receive separation benefits and can apply for jobs at other company facilities as they become available, he said.

The company also said it has taken these actions: reduced executive and management pay by 30 percent, frozen all salary increases, eliminated bonuses, established a hiring freeze and eliminated overtime. It is also offering employees a voluntary four-day work week, offering a voluntary buyout program to all salaried employees, and cutting capital and other spending.

Japan-based Toyota Boshoku manufactures automotive interiors, as well as air and oil filters. The company, which moved its U.S. headquarters to Erlanger from Michigan in 2007, has 23 U.S. locations, including a plant in Georgetown, Ky.

And they went to Mexico! Good job, huh? I remember friends who praised their senators for giving them jobs, only to be laid off and now they're on unemployment. No wait, this story was in 2009 and suffice to say that these were part of the 99 weekers for whom the Republican party, including Jeff Sessions of Alabama who lured Toyota with tax breaks voted no? Great job

Which then leads to this. Why bring jobs to the U.S. when we have more than capable students who can make a great T.V. set, radio, car, keep the jobs as well as the profits in the U.S.? I go to DeVry University. They have some of the best students coming out of school. The EET (Electrical Engineering Tech) are the best. They helped create design and create the robot-on-wheels for the military and law enforcement. DeVry also made every child's favorite toy Teddy Ruxpin. And that's just from DeVry.

Imagine having students actually working and making money? So the righties ask: Where will we get the supplies? Easy, the same place the Koreans get theirs...from rare earth mines. We go in, excavate the rare earth, create high tech phones, cars, computers, and so on and then we sell it. But where will we get the money? WE PRINT IT! We print it, we circulate the currency and then we make sure that China, Japan and Korea could not flood our market with their wares.

So Obama's harebrained idea is that. A harebrained idea and doing so does not guarantee that LG will not leave the U.S. and go to Mexico Japan did it, what makes you think Korea won't? And what makes you think that when a republican won't back-stab you once they are the majority? Jeff Session did to his constituents in Alabama.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

My apologies to Monty Python. But so true is this quote, as liberals and progressives, we are so empathetic to the needs of others, that we tend to forget about ourselves. And in all honesty, that can be a detriment to our health. At least the teabaggers go out hunting, target shooting, burn crosses (so Christian of them), that they blow off steam and actually have the energy to keep on lying. Why can't we? (Well not the lying part) Why can't we burn off our energy, and for once , do something that self-indulging? Ooo, bad. No, it's therapeutic.

As I was sitting down smoking a cigarette (I know, I know it's bad), I thought to myself why not go to the beach? NOT NOW IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER, though in Los Angeles, Spring has sprung with temps ranging in the 80s or 29.444444444444446C for you edumacated folks,  but during the Summer when temps reach say 95F or for you edumacated folks: 35C, we get away from the A.C., sit down in the cool sand and partay!

Isn't a little indulgence  good for the mind and body? I mean get away from the Teabaggers, get away from the Boehner (Click) and just soak in the sun. If you can't wear a bikini or trunks, who cares, we are there to soak not sulk. Then as the night creeps in and the sun sets into the ocean (OK, OK, lets not be scientific liberals), we start a fire and get the flames going and keep warm, If you do not want to go to the beach, how about the park? How about the mountain? Somewhere where we don't have to think about the right.

So if you feel you need to unwind and want to GET The F OUTTA DODGE, and recharge our batteries. Now if you're in the south, well or in AZ, get the Hell out NOW!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are racists confused?

Racists are generally folks who have low self-esteem, no confidence and are not willing to change. And when I say racists, I do not mean someone who is a nationalist but tolerates input. I mean a xenophobic, homophobic individual who is more than just a nationalist, but downright confused. I am not a nationalist. I cannot be a nationalist as I a U.S. citizen and people from Japan would not accept me as Japanese as I am an American. A U.S. citizen. I mean, I eat the food with chopsticks (hashi), speak the lingo (barely), know the culture and its quirk but can't speak read or write. Therefore, I have no allegiance to Japan, though drunk Japanese businessmen (who make fools of themselves) say I am. But when they are sober, are quite silent. But something confuses me. The American Nazi Party...huh?

Who We Are

Racial Greetings White Brothers and Sisters! The American Nazi Party is a Political-Educational Association, dedicated to the 14 WORDS. We are committed to bringing American National Socialism, first created and embodied by our late Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, out of the past Phase One activities which at the time served their purpose well, and into the 21st Century.
Although National Socialism encompasses many various issues of concern to Aryan Americans, including a healthy environment, children's welfare, and freedom of belief without fear of System persecution...the two main tenets of National Socialism embodies the Struggle for Aryan Racial survival, and Social Justice for White Working Class people throughout our land.
As Aryan Revolutionaries, we recognize the fact that behaving in the manner of past activities, little progress has been achieved for our Cause. That is why we have taken a new direction. In the American Nazi Party, you will find no uniforms or ranks, we do not engage in publicly exposing our Comrades to undo publicity through pointless and dangerous Rallies or Marches. We instead stress Small Cell, and Individual Activism as the path for which to build our Movement, as securely and in a responsible manner as possible.
We are looking for Men and Women, who are willing to sacrifice for the Good of the Folk, not people who are looking for aggrandizement, titillation, or simply causing undirected and useless mayhem. This is not a game or a gang.
It is a very serious Struggle that we are involved in for the very existence of our White Nation of people. Those who are simply intent on pranks or causing trouble should perhaps look elsewhere for stimulation.
If you are interested in learning more about the American Nazi Party, we suggest writing to our National Headquarters and requesting an Info Pack.
Please enclose a $5 donation to cover costs. This information will be relayed to you as quickly as possible.
Each of us must decide just how far we will let the situation in America deteriorate, before we decide to take action to correct it. If you have had enough, and are willing to join the ranks of your ancestors who forged this land from a wilderness teeming with savages, and to keep it from returning to that state, we urge you to become involved. For your children's sake, if not for your own. For White WORKER Power!

Rocky J. Suhayda - Chairman, American Nazi Party
 As you can tell, this is from the American Nazi Party. You also see ANP saluting like they did in Nazi Germany:

And you see the iron Cross and Nazi memorabilia all over them. I mean this would make ol' Adolf proud...Not really. Why? Because they are not German.
Prescott Bush in Skull and Bones
None of the ANP members would last a day in Nazi Germany. In reality, they would have ended up in the gas chambers and burned to death for insulting the third Reich. Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer but he knew that by alienating folks other than WASPs, he would not have been the multi-millionaire he became. Both groups are a detriment to society but both went through different avenues. Which leads me to this question. Why call yourself the American Nazi Party?

The photos of the youth are U.S. citizens. I'm guessing: Brits, Greek, maybe Irish, but all U.S. citizens. and enemies to the third Reich. And last I remember, the people they hate? Jews? Especially the survivors of the Holocaust? Are more German, and if you must Aryan than these kids. And they claim to be proud Americans wanting to keep MEXICANS out of the U.S., but they're Nazis and shouldn't care less. A Nazi is from Germany. Jews are more Aryan than they are and Hitler would have executed them because they are part of the allies...unless you're Bush and can buy your way in and support Hitler. Therefore, I don't think they have the wherewithal nor the financial means to impress on Hitler that they are his followers.

Can someone with more brains than me explain then the logic of these AMERICAN Nazi Party members? I am stumped. I really am

Sunday, January 9, 2011

How easy is it to buy an assault rife

oCurrently, California has a very strong gun control and have a ban list too. There are a lot of folks who are against the ban list and would love to have the same opportunity to buy like they do in AZ. Now after the shooting, it's still legal for AZ folks to buy a long as you have an Arizona address...and you can get one even though you may not live in AZ.

We all heard about the disgruntled employee who was fired from his job. went to AZ, bought a pistol and the same day, came back, shot and killed his bosses, coworker and an ex, then putting the gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Law suits flew all over, the estate of the man, the business, the gun owner and so on. I learned this taking a law class in college. All the gun lovers said that the gun manufacture cannot get sued for the irresponsibility of the gunman


But the state can be held liable. How?

No not because the laws were not strict. I can't go to AZ and buy a firearm. I have to show my I.D. and the dealer must ship it to a certified FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer, the dealer then holds the firearm from 15 to as much as 30 days and then transfer the weapons to me. No, that's not how it works/ There is an easier way. By giving an address. How can I get an address? By buying one legally.

In order to to get a drivers license, you need your birth certificate and an address with your name. How can I do that? From places like Mailboxes Etc. I can get an address, without the P.O. Box attached, give it to the DMV and get myself a real honest-to-goodness drivers license or I.D. card and then go to a gun show, show my I.D., have my background checked and I can walk out without anyone verifying the address. Why? Because people like Jan Brewer are hiding behind the Second Amendment.

Even something as simple as e-Verify or at least a background check on the address can easily assuage the fear that someone whose state has a stricter control than say Arizona cannot just willy-nilly buy a firearm. So, without a waiting period or SOME SORT OF REGULATION, the blood of the dead in AZ is on their hands.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

If you're offended by swearing, please skip this post





Rest in peace Christina, I am so sorry. And as a liberal, I promise as do many of the liberals who read my post will make sure that your death is neither forgotten nor in vain and peace.

god i hate republicans

Friday, January 7, 2011

ENGLISH ONLY! As the Asian guy says

English Only. Gee, that makes a lot of sense. It really does. Think for a second. If I were living in Japan, China or France, I would have to read, write and speak the respective tongue of said country. If I wanted to vote, drive or want to go shopping, I have better learn all three. If I didn't I would be shunned, starving and have a conservative government. BLAH. So learning the native tongue is imperative so at least I could vote. And I MUST learn. So yes, English must be the ONLY language spoken in an English-speaking country. But there is a problem with that logic.

Teabaggers swallowed the English-only line from Republican/conservative leaders of theirs. The problem? Writing and reading. English is not only a spoken language, but includes writing too. And Teabonics is NOT proper English

 Where is the apostrophe? Child is singular. Without the apostrophe, the word would be plural. Thus the proper noun would be children. The person meant to write child's. singular possessive. Right?  Another one?

The woman meant to write AMNESTY not AMNETY. Again, the improper use of a vowel. Or it can be an adjective too, but I digress, she spelled it incorrectly. You want more???


Yes no exce(p)tions. Except, excetion is spelled exception. But many a teabaggers would excuse these errors: as an they would not know the word aberration, but ask the teabaggers these simple questions:

01) When you hang a jacket, it's hung. When you hang a person they're ?
02) What is wrong with the word Toys R Us?
03) In the English language how would you pronounce Boehner?
I'd be amazed if they get any of the three correct, and since the teabaggers are so adamant about English only and English includes reading and, writing, I wonder if they would shudder if they realized that they would need to know how to write and read and possibly speak English properly in order to vote? In the south, there was a written test so one could vote. SCOTUS struck it down as discriminating against blacks. But since the Teabaggers love English only, then do I have a list for you folks to quiz the Teabggers and to see how American they really are:

Louisiana Literacy Test, circa 1960
(Passing was 80% or better)

1. Which of the following is a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?
a. Public education b. employment c. voting d. jury trial

2. The federal census of the population is taken each five years. (True/False)
3. Name two rights a person indicted for a crime has.
4. A United States senator elected at the general election in November takes office the following year on what date?
5. Which definition applies to "amendment?"
a. Proposed change b. Making peace between two nations c. part of government.

6. A person appointed to the United States Supreme Court is appointed for a term of  .
7. When the Constitution was approved by the original states, how many states had to ratify it in order to put it into effect?
8. Does enumeration affect the income tax levied on citizens in various states? (yes/no)
9. Persons opposed to swearing in an oath may instead say: "I solemnly               ..."
10. To serve as President of the United States a person must have attained
a. 25 years b. 35 years c. 40 years d. 45 years

11. What words are required by law to be on all coins and paper currency of the United States?
12. The Supreme Court is the chief lawmaking body of the US. (True/False)
13. If a law passed by a state is contrary to provisions of the US Constitution, which law prevails?
14. If a vacancy occurs in the US Senate, the state must hold an election but, meanwhile, the place may be filled by a temporary appointment made by                       .
15. A US Senator is elected for a term of years.
16. Appropriation of money for the armed services can be only for a period limited to years.
17. The chief executive and administrative officers make up the                   branch of government.
18. Who passes laws dealing with piracy?
19. The number of representatives which a state is entitled to have in the House of Representatives is based on               .
20. The Constitution protects an individual against punishments which are                                            .
21. When a jury has heard and rendered a verdict in a case, and the judgement on the verdict has become final, the defendant cannot again be brought to trial for the same cause. (true/false)
22. Name two levels of government which may levy taxes.
23. Communism is the type of government in: a. The United States b. Russia c. England
24. Cases tried before a court of law are of what two types?                                                      
25. By a majority vote of the members of Congress, the Congress may change a provision of the Constitution. (T/F)
26. For security, each state has the right to form a                         .
27. The electoral vote for the President is counted in the presence of                                                  .
28. If no candidate for President receives a majority of the electoral vote, who decides who will become President?
29. Of the original 13 states, the one with the largest representation in Congress was                                .
30. Of which branch of government is the Speaker of the House a part? a. Legislative b. Executive c. Judicial
31. Capital punishment is the giving of a death sentence. (true/false)
32. In case the President is unable to perform the duties of office, who performs them?                               .
33. "Involuntary servitude" is permitted in the US upon conviction of a crime. (true/false)
34. If a state is a party to a case, the Constitution provides that original jurisdiction shall be in                        .
35. Congress passes laws regulating cases which are included in those over which the Supreme Court has             jurisdiction.
36. The legislatures of the states decide how presidential electorates may be chosen. (true/false)
37. If it were proposed to join Alabama and Mississippi to form one state, what groups would have to approve for this to be done?
38. The Vice President presides over                         
39. The Constitution limits the size of the District of Columbia to                     .
40. The only laws which can be passed to apply to an area in a federal arsenal are those passed by                    , provided consent for the purchase of land is given by the                           .
41. In which document or writing is the Bill of Rights found?
42. Of which branch of government is a Supreme Court justice a part of? a. Executive b. Judicial c. Legislative
43. If no person receives a majority of the electoral votes, the Vice President is chosen by the Senate. (true/false)
44. Name two things which the states are forbidden to do by the US Constitution.
45. If election of President becomes the duty of the US House of Representative and it fails to act, who becomes President and when?
46. How many votes must a person receive in order to become President if the election is decided by the House of Representatives?
47. Conviction of which offenses disqualify you from voting?
a. Murder b. Petty theft c. Writing bad checks d. Making whiskey

48. The congress decides in what manner states elect presidential electors. (true/false)
49. Name two of the purposes of the US Constitution.
50. Congress is composed of                                         .
51. All legislative powers granted in the US Constitution may legally be used only by                               .
52. Impeachment of US officials are tried by                        .
53. When a President of the US is impeached, who presides over the trial?
54. Money is coined by order of:
a. US Congress b. The President's Cabinet c. The States d. Treasury e. Federal Reserve Board

55. Persons elected to cast a state's vote for US President and Vice President are called Presidential                         
56. Name one power which is exclusively legislative and is mentioned in one of the parts of the US Constitution.
57. If a person flees from justice from one state into another, who has authority to ask for his return?
58. Whose duty is it to keep Congress informed of the state of the union?
59. If the two houses of Congress cannot agree on adjournment, who sets the time?
60. When the presidential electors meet to cast ballots for President, must all electors in a state vote for the same person for President, or can they vote for different persons if they so choose?
61. After presidential electors have voted, to whom do they send the count of their votes?
These test questions were created to disenfranchise blacks and poor whites, so they could not vote. Since the Teabaggers promote English only and their leaders and their party's past helped create this test, then they should not have a problem passing with a score of 80%. The problem? It's illegal and unamerican. And getting back to the countries who do not provide sample ballots in foreign languages; is a true testament to our countries' move to diversity. With that said, I wonder how many Teabaggers would pass the U.S. citizenship test? The one like my grandparents took, whose English were very limited, passed and became a U.S. citizen. And the teabaggers want to limit their right to vote?

Click on the question to see the answer.)
1. What are the colors of our flag?
2. How many stars are there in our flag?
3. What color are the stars on our flag?
4. What do the stars on the flag mean?
5. How many stripes are there in the flag?
6. What color are the stripes?
7. What do the stripes on the flag mean?
8. How many states are there in the Union?
9. What is the 4th of July?
10. What is the date of Independence Day?
11. Independence from whom?
12. What country did we fight during the Revolutionary War?
13. Who was the first President of the United States?
14. Who is the President of the United States today?
15. Who is the vice-president of the United States today?
16. Who elects the President of the United States?
17. Who becomes President of the United States if the President should die?
18. For how long do we elect the President?
19. What is the Constitution?
20. Can the Constitution be changed?
21. What do we call a change to the Constitution?
22. How many changes or amendments are there to the Constitution?
23. How many branches are there in our government?
24. What are the three branches of our government?
25. What is the legislative branch of our government?
26. Who makes the laws in the United States?
27. What is the Congress?
28. What are the duties of Congress?
29. Who elects the Congress?
30. How many senators are there in Congress?
31. Can you name the two senators from your state?
32. For how long do we elect each senator?
33. How many representatives are there in Congress?
34. For how long do we elect the representatives?
35. What is the executive branch of our government?
36. What is the judiciary branch of our government?
37. What are the duties of the Supreme Court?
38. What is the supreme court law of the United States?
39. What is the Bill of Rights?
40. What is the capital of your state?
41. Who is the current governor of your state?
42. Who becomes President of the United States if the President and the vice-president should die?
43. Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
44. Can you name thirteen original states?
45. Who said, "Give me liberty or give me death."?
46. Which countries were our enemies during World War II?
47. What are the 49th and 50th states of the Union?
48. How many terms can the President serve?
49. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
50. Who is the head of your local government?
51. According to the Constitution, a person must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to become President. Name one of these requirements.
52. Why are there 100 Senators in the Senate?
53. Who selects the Supreme Court justice?
54. How many Supreme Court justice are there?
55. Why did the Pilgrims come to America?
56. What is the head executive of a state government called?
57. What is the head executive of a city government called?
58. What holiday was celebrated for the first time by the Americans colonists?
59. Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence?
60. When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?
61. What is the basic belief of the Declaration of Independence?
62. What is the national anthem of the United States?
63. Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?
64. Where does freedom of speech come from?
65. What is a minimum voting age in the United States?
66. Who signs bills into law?
67. What is the highest court in the United States?
68. Who was the President during the Civil War?
69. What did the Emancipation Declaration do?
70. What special group advises the President?
71. Which President is called the "Father of our country"?
72. What Immigration and Naturalization Service form is used to apply to become a naturalized citizen?
73. Who helped the Pilgrims in America?
74. What is the name of the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America?
75. What are the 13 original states of the U.S. called?
76. Name 3 rights of freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
77. Who has the power to declare the war?
78. What kind of government does the United States have?
79. Which President freed the slaves?
80. In what year was the Constitution written?
81. What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?
82. Name one purpose of the United Nations?
83. Where does Congress meet?
84. Whose rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
85. What is the introduction to the Constitution called?
86. Name one benefit of being citizen of the United States.
87. What is the most important right granted to U.S. citizens?
88. What is the United States Capitol?
89. What is the White House?
90. Where is the White House located?
91. What is the name of the President's official home?
92. Name the right guaranteed by the first amendment.
93. Who is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military?
94. Which President was the first Commander in Chief of the U.S. military?
95. In what month do we vote for the President?
96. In what month is the new President inaugurated?
97. How many times may a Senator be re-elected?
98. How many times may a Congressman be re-elected?
99. What are the 2 major political parties in the U.S. today?
100. How many states are there in the United States today?
Well maybe it's time for them to rethink their ideas about English only. Because, if there is a literacy test, the teabaggers would fail miserably.  And what of the Teabaggers who call people who have a good grasp of the English language elite? you tell them


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And still it continues: A Free market soldier lives on Socialism

 I wonder if this guy is so stupid that even with all the facts, it still evil? I mean I even called his military a socialst organization and supported something he is receiving because I AM PAYING FIOR IT...Well you too. Lets see what else he psots and I'll post more

      //You forgot my 4+ years of free college in the benefits that you supply to me...thank you by the way.//

You are quite welcome and many a liberals are quite happy you used your four years of our tax money to go to school. It beats spending $3.3 trillion on foreign banks because the regulations to prevent this was removed under Gramm Leach Bliley Act. Google Glass Steagall.

//In all honesty, I can appreciate your point of view. I disagree with some aspects of it but I can appreciate it. I have a serious question for you Timothy. So when do we draw the line on regulation? Do we allow our government to continue to regulate us to the point where we can't even make simple decisions on what to eat or drink, how we think, what we say, who lives who dies (ooh Healthcare already doing that one)? I'm not saying it's going to happen tomorrow or even ten years from now, but really when does it end? Somehow we have shifted from the "American Dream" to the "American Guarantee". Don't worry if you can't make it on your own, the US Government will take care of it. That is socialism my friend, that is fascism. Adolf Hitler said, "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."//

Hitler First of all was a fascist, but arguably speaking used socialism as a monetary policy to prop up his 3rd Reich. Yes Nazi is Nationalist Socialist Workers' Party. but socialism is a monetary policy and not a government idealism like Democracy. You have to remember, the government is NOT Obama, Not Bush Jr. Not Clinton Not Bush Sr Not Reagan. It's OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE. And as a soldier, you are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States as per your REGULATION called the UCMJ. You are to follow the UCMJ to the letter and DEFEND the people of the USofA. Yet I find it quite interesting that people who are in the military question regulations soldiers are sworn to uphold.

//Again, I am not saying that there should be no regulation on business in America that would be a disaster. I am not saying there should be no rules (nice how you twisted that one). What I am saying is that if the government regulates business too much in a free market economy they will leave and do business elsewhere taking the jobs and infrastructure with them. Look around how's that unemployment rate doing. Going back to the American Guarantee...unemployment benefits extended again, social security, stimulus package. TO BIG TO FAIL, seriously? Let them go, they made their bed and they can lie in it. Why should the government stick their hands in the business of a bank you acted greedily and took advantage of their customers. The ultimate punishment is to let them go. Economic Darwinism.//

I twisted your words? I am merely quoting what you are saying. Of course i do not like regulations that stifles the growth of people. But you said something interesting:

///What I am saying is that if the government regulates business too much in a free market economy they will leave and do business elsewhere taking the jobs and infrastructure with them. Look around how's that unemployment rate doing. Going back to the American Guarantee...unemployment benefits extended again, social security, stimulus package. TO BIG TO FAIL, ///

The economy went sour because of derivatives/toxic asset and bets that did not exist and still don't. Banks were ALLOWED to do this with money the commons entrusted to them and invest in people who they knew would falter on their mortgage. Were these people credit risks? Actually, no. Many of them had good jobs and were paying, or thought they were paying a 30 year fixed @ 4.5% but signed a contract that said that after five years, the interest will balloon to 7% to 9%. Now the feds are stepping in and are actually looking into arresting CEOs. Their defense? Deregulating Glass Steagall. But getting back to your comment, are there some things that need to be deregulated? Yes. The Patriot Act 1 and 2. Why? Because of Sneak and Peek. Here is what the conservative Fact Check had to say:

///"Without Notifying Us"

The USA Patriot Act does indeed include a provision that allows the government to conduct searches and seizures without immediate notification. But that’s not the whole story.

Delayed notification is only allowed under certain conditions. And federal authorities must still obtain a warrant from a judge under the same “probable-cause” requirements as before.

For instance, the law allows delayed notification if providing immediate notification would have an “adverse result,” which is defined five ways:

    (A) endangering the life or physical safety of an individual;

    (B) flight from prosecution;

    (C) destruction of or tampering with evidence;

    (D) intimidation of potential witnesses; or

    (E) otherwise seriously jeopardizing an investigation or unduly delaying a trial.///

That's why under the Fifth Amendment, an LEO needs to call a judge, swear under oath that everything he or she is saying is true and get the search warrant. So what needs changing? A thru E and their the rights for an LEO to make an arrest or detain is already in the books...without a search warrant

(B) flight from prosecution

If an LEO suspect that someone has a WMD, then they can stop that person. Not come in to someone's dwelling or place of buusiness and find evidence only to use it later to make an arrest. So I am against that. I am also against illegal wiretapping. Active duty members of the military patrolling our streets violating Posse comitatus.

Yes, I am against the deregulation of our freedom and creating regulations where corporations prosper. And you also said ///What I am saying is that if the government regulates business too much in a free market economy they will leave and do business elsewhere taking the jobs and infrastructure with them.///
To prevent that, you raise taxes. Ever heard of tariffs? Something Reagan cut? Bush Sr. Cut? So did Clinton and Bush Jr? Actually Obama increased tariffs to protect our tire industry fromn China and China made a big stink. Why aren't we? They raised import taxes up to 35% while we lowered ours to 3%? And we're not griping? Oh and now China also increased the export of rare earth: and will sharply increase prices of high tech devices. So why don't we dredge up Rare Earth?


In terms of the raw materials used to make the permanent magnets, the country's foremost supplier (80 percent) of rare earth materials (Molycorp) went bankrupt in 1998 and shut down after spending millions to remake its mining facilities following Bureau of Land Management complaints that it was endangering the desert-tortoise environment.///

But then,The bankrupt Molycorp came back: You know how? By my state giving them tax breaks, so they can dredge up RareEarth, and manufacture green products and hiring people. Which means more $$$ to spend and California getting out of the conservative-created depression. Had the $3.3 trillion went to companies like MolyCorp instead of the TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS (especially the ones in Europe and Asia), then there would not be this problem. But in the mean time, we're spending money in Iraq and Afghanistan, rebuilding their infrastructure and not ours??? This is the Iraqi Constitution Bush created:

Look at article 31:

Article 31:

First: Every citizen has the right to health care. The state takes care of public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and medical institutions.

Second: Individuals and institutions may build hospitals or clinics or places for treatment with the supervision of the state and this shall be regulated by law.

Also you said: ///Do we allow our government to continue to regulate us to the point where we can't even make simple decisions on what to eat or drink, how we think, what we say, who lives who dies (ooh Healthcare already doing that one)?///

They do it for your V.A. and now Iraq.


Article 34 and 34:

///First: Education is a fundamental factor in the progress of society and is a right guaranteed by the state. Primary education is mandatory and the state guarantees to eradicate illiteracy.

Second: Free education is a right for all Iraqis in all its stages.

Third: The State encourages scientific research for peaceful purposes that serve man and supports excellence, creativity, invention and the different aspects of ingenuity.

Fourth: Private and public education is guaranteed. This shall be regulated by law.///

This was back in 2005 when the Republicans were the majority.

///Regulation is not the sole answer to a dynamic problem. A dynamic problem has no simple solution. There may appear to be a simple solution, but it is a temporary fix. A band-aid that covers deeper issues our children will come to bear. The real question is how do we solve this dynamic problem like intelligent human beings. Not like a scared flock of sheep who cry out for the federal government to aid us. I am talking about sweeping change to how our businesses think, act, and treat their customer base. They want to ensure the company is profitable. They cannot make a profit without the money from their customer's wallet.///

Funny thing, when taxes on the top 1% was 74% and your taxes were a lot lower, it seemed to work fine. Remember the days when the woman stayed home and took care of the house? Taxes on the wealthy were high. Why? Because what obligation do the businesses have for us? Nothing, Their fiduciary duty is to make a profit, not support you or me. But I chuckle you writing this, and ended up help create a well-regulated Constitution for Iraq, where 70% of the U.S. would love to have. You know single payer health? like you have in the V.A. which we collectively (there's that socialist word) and gladly pay?

///I think you should check out some Glenn Beck of the best news channel ever...FOX!

That was a joke man, but seriously...///

I don't have a T.V. set. I can't afford it and I do my news watching on the Internet. That's what being a liberal is.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Liberal Asian American Student vs. Free Market miltary recruiter...huh?

I am in a law class and one of the requirement is to post what they call a threaded discussion. The discussions are from my viewpoints and I will post them here. I found a rightwinger recruiter who supports Free Market capitalism, but relies heavily on tax money to do his job. So from here on out, I'll be posting what I post here too. I hope you enjoy reading my posts too.

Justin I have to disagree with you. Why is that? Because under the 14th Amendment, corporations are not human being...well they weren't, that is until Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Case, where a court clerk named JC Bancroft Davis wrote on the letter-head of the SCC vs. SP decision that corporations were human entity. He was NOT a judge, but the SCOTUS says they are. But I digress. Lets look at your comments, one paragraph at a time.

Let me begin by saying I am not a lawyer, but life experience and a lot of reading helped me shape my decision:

//Without a doubt the First Amendment is called into question in this example. I must agree that the Federal Government has and continues to exercise power that it was never really intended to have. In a "free market" economy such as the United States this law can, in some regards, stifle the entrepreneurial spirit of businesses operating in this country. Should the Federal Government exercise such power in this situation? No, not according to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Our forefathers were intelligent, they understood that society, intellect, and technology would grow and morph into things they could not understand. They drafted a document that was timeless. It was written is such a way that it's words and underlying messages can be applied to a situation today.//

In a free market society, there is no incentive for any form of governmental regulation. Why should their be? Because when Reagan deregulated the scope and intent of a business, free market idealism went hog wild. What is the law, yes law, a CEO must abide by in a capitalistic society? Their FIDUCIARY duty is to make a profit for the shareholders. And how do they? By any means necessary. So less regulations means more profit. And less government regulations means more profit. So what is the role of government? To make sure that the rules are adhered to in any project. Look what happened with B.P. oil rig explosion. Halliburton poured the concrete and the govt-free-regulation caused an explosion so massive that it killed 11 people. If the government was truly regulating the oil drilling would this had happened? Nope. Now go to West Virginia:

///The Massey Energy Company, the biggest coal mining business in central Appalachia and the owner of the Upper Big Branch mine, has drawn sharp scrutiny and fines from regulators over its safety and environmental record.

In the past two months, miners had been evacuated three times from the Upper Big Branch because of dangerously high methane levels, according to two miners who asked for anonymity for fear of losing their jobs. Representative Nick J. Rahall II, a Democrat whose district includes the mine, said he had received similar reports from miners about recent evacuations at the mine, which as recently as last month was fined at least three times for ventilation problems, according to federal records.

The Massey Energy Company, the biggest coal mining business in central Appalachia and the owner of the Upper Big Branch mine, has drawn sharp scrutiny and fines from regulators over its safety and environmental record.///

With the Mine Management Administration under the Bush administration teeth pulled out, or as you put it, less government regulation, more than 20 miners were killed and former CEO Don Blakenship of Massey mines is not in prison for murder, let alone, negligence. Oh and you can Google more stories of govt-free corporations killing people. That's why there is the government to make sure that no one dies.

//Now, what about business morals and ethics? I don't think that there is one person in this course who enjoys getting a telemarketing call at 7pm - 9pm while we are sitting down to eat with our families. Maybe there are some here who celebrate the businesses willingness to exercise it's rights in a free market economy and possibly thank them for doing so. I am not one of those people. It annoys me. In fact, I do not have a land line in my house because no one ever called me on it except telemarketers. I have held positions as a General Manager for Goodyear and I am currently a Recruiter for the military. I have worked in sales for the good part of my adult life and I absolutely refuse to cold call my customers, potential customers, or applicants. In my opinion it is counterproductive. Businesses have lost sight of there most precious resource for growing there enterprises. Building rapport with their target markets and referrals. If a customer has a pleasant experience they will tell 20 of their friends. If they have a poor experience they will tell 100 of their friends. Some businesses today operate with such greed that they will rape and pillage their customer base until there is nothing left. If you don't believe me look around you...government bailouts for businesses? Really? If you want to EARN someone's business, yes I said earn, how would you do it. Call them during dinner with their families or give them a reason to do business with your company?//

A recruiter, eh? You know that you are regulated by the government? But I digress. The people complained about the cold calling from 7-9 p.m. and Congress listened. Prior to all the complaints, there were cold calls from telemarketers. Congress did the wishes of the people. Another interesting question, how did the telemarketers get the numbers of an unlisted phone number? I'll tell you how, the numbers were sold and the names attached. Who sold it? Unscrupulous businesses who found it profitable to sell numbers you and everyone entrusted the corporations to NOT pass out from their kindness of their heart. When that failed, We demanded it and the law was passed. Businesses have no morals or ethics. Their goal is to make profits any way they can. And as a recruiter, they would use the soldiers you and many of the recruiters to do their bidding. Again, remember the gulf oil explosion? B.P. ordered the Coast Guard to create a zone to keep people, the press and everyone away from the beaches. This included a no-fly zone

Why is a BRITISH corporation telling OUR U.S. military to enforce a law over OUR seas? Let me give you a hint,, it's called fascism. The corporation, who according to your quote should have ethics and morals, is ordering U.S. military to keep U.S. citizens out of our U.S. oceans. Does that make sense? Is it for our safety? Even at 3,000 feet? A BRITISH corporation is telling OUR government OUR military to censor AMERICANS and to place us in prison for violating a law that DOES NOT EXIST???

//So how do you stop a business from calling you at all hours soliciting their product? How do we change the landscape without relying on the Federal Government to spend millions or maybe even billions on a law to shield us from corporations? How do we install thought and consideration back in the minds eye of companies in this country? We do it...all the BSs and BAs and MBAs who have taken or will take this course. Lets stop relying on our Government to save us and save ourselves. The question posed here is easy to answer. The law is not Constitutional, but the Constitution did give us another type of power. The power to change our environment and our lives so that we can live them how we want to live them.//

Funny thing, you being a recruiter, rely on the government, the government being we the people to supply your MREs, toilet paper, food, training, barracks, vehicles, WMDs, V.A., health care, dental, visual, and other benefits through taxes. If the 14th Amendment means anything, then under Equal Protection, then supplying should be in the hands of the corporations and not we the people. But I don't agree with that. therefore, think of baseball. The umpire is the government and the players are corporation. There are strike zones, there are balls and fouls. The players play with so may rules and regulation so that no one has the advantage. Take away the umpire and the pitcher throws a wild pitch and screams STRIKE ONE YOU'RE OUT! Well guess what? The batter is out. Why? Because there is no umpire to regulate the game. The same can be said about What makes you think that any corporation would abide by your wishes by not calling between 7-9 p.m.? Heck, 8 p.m., 9 p.m.. 10, 11,midnight, 1 a.m., 2, 3, 4? Someone as you said may pick up and buy something, but I won't nor would you, so what is preventing this from happening? government regulation.

//You might be wondering why I am ranting about this topic. Maybe you don't care, but this is one example of how the people have let a government control almost every facet of their being. It always starts small, maybe it "helps the people" in the beginning. Eventually though, we have given up our rights. I love my country more than I can explain with words. I have fought for this country and it saddens me to see where it is going. I am NOT saying overthrow the government. I am not radical. I am an American who is proud and wants to see the people I protect prosper. I want to see the Constitution that I swore to protect with my life endure.//

Then allow the government to function. Allow the people to live in peace. If there are no rules and regulation, then we truly live in a fascist nation. When FOREIGN corporations can use AMERICAN know, people like you, for whom we pay our taxes to, to defend THEIR interests, I see a problem with that. I love this country and that's why I want regulations.

//Business men and women of the future or present. Lets change it up alittle bit. Lets earn the business of our customers, lets show them courtesy and compassion, lets operate our business within the limits of the Constitution and let our moral compasses guide us at the same time. If I could bottle common sense, I would be a millionaire (and I wouldn't need a telemarketing team to sell it).//

It's already bottled, it's called regulation. Now spread it so we won't have to worry about corruption or dead U.S. citizens.  

States Right, vs. Second Amendment

Funny how Teabaggers scream about states' rights, but are critical of states who put on restrictions like: you cannot purchase a firearm if you are a felon. Yes, those are federal laws, but laws more specific like in California: You are only allowed to purchase one pistol a month or as many rifles or shotguns but there is a waiting period. A cooling off period. This law was not covered under federal law, so the state has every right to do this. So why the big stink? I remember the gun Ban in San Francisco CA

California court strikes San Francisco handgun ban

Recently seized handguns are displayed at Boston police headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts December 7, 2005. REUTERS/Brian Snyder  

SAN FRANCISCO | Wed Jan 9, 2008 9:54pm EST
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California state appeals court on Wednesday struck down a ban on the private ownership of handguns in San Francisco, one of several U.S. cities that have outlawed small firearms.
San Francisco voters passed their ban in 2005, barring all city residents from selling, distributing or manufacturing firearms or ammunition.
Like similar laws in Chicago and Washington, D.C., San Francisco's ban also prohibited residents from possessing handguns unless they are government employees or security guards.
Retired law enforcement and military personnel joined several firearms rights groups to challenge San Francisco's ban before it could be enforced.
On Wednesday, a three-judge panel of the California Court of Appeal upheld a district court decision, which found that the ordinance was pre-empted by several state laws, one of which prohibits cities from restricting handgun possession in an individual's home, business, or private property.
"These laws of statewide application reflect the legislature's balancing of interests -- on the one side the interest of the general public to be protected from the criminal misuse of firearms, on the other, the interests of law-abiding citizens to be able to purchase and use firearms," the panel wrote in its unanimous decision.
"When it comes to regulating firearms, local governments are well advised to tread lightly."
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said he was disappointed with the ruling and that the city would consider further appeal.
"We think that localities should have this ability to protect the health and safety of their residents," Herrera said.
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a similar case this year, when attorneys from Washington will defend that city's 31-year-old law banning private possession of handguns.
Opponents say the Washington ban violates the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Legal experts say the Supreme Court's decision in the dispute could be the most important decision on gun rights in nearly 70 years and produce a decisive ruling on whether civilians have a right to keep firearms.
Representatives of the National Rifle Association, which has pressed both the Washington and San Francisco cases, said they were pleased with the California court's decision.
"This is at least another step in the right direction," said the NRA's chief lobbyist, Chris Cox. "When one city, in this case San Francisco, seeks to defy state law and restrict the rights of law abiding residents, the NRA has and will continue to stand up and fight on their behalf."
(Editing by Braden Reddall and Mohammad Zargham)

 I have no issue with the overturning of the San Fran gun ban, because the California Supreme Court stated so. But I do have issues when the feds step in and even though there are no real laws in the books, Congress passes a law for only one group of people.

Court Rules Cops Can Carry Guns ... Nationwide!
By Jim Kouri

Nov 21, 2008

(The following report was obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police Firearms Committee.)
A ruling on a case from South Dakota -- where off-duty law enforcement officers were criminally charged for carrying guns despite the authority to do so under the federal 'Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act of 2004' (LEOSA) -- has confirmed that all qualified off-duty and retired law enforcement are allowed, by federal law, to carry a concealed gun for personal self-defense irrespective of state law.
The federal law supersedes the crazy, confusing and often conflicted state and local laws that limit legitimate self-defense.
Law Enforcement Alliance of America's Executive Director, Jim Fotis said, "When LEAA co-authored the original draft of what became affectionately known as 'National Cop Carry' back in the early 1990's, I knew it would save cops' lives and give those who choose to resist violent criminals a fighting chance. In 2004 I shook President Bush's hand after he signed our bill into law and rejoiced that our fight -- for more than a decade -- was finally over!"
The local prosecutor's apparent effort to challenge the federal law, and send a message to all in law enforcement not to carry a gun for self-defense in South Dakota, was soundly rejected! Thankfully, after careful review, the gun charges against the officers were dismissed. "The Judge's crystal clear and unambiguous legal opinion should be required reading for every prosecutor in the nation so that no other law enforcement professionals, active or retired, have to endure what those officers and agents have endured in South Dakota," declared Carl Rowan, LEAA's Vice President.
Robert Van Norman and Kenneth Orrock, Attorneys for the officers, said "We are pleased with the court's decision, as it reaffirms the intent of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act and in effect will protect law enforcement officers and our communities. The law enforcement community should find comfort that LEOSA has been properly applied in this case."
The Law Enforcement Alliance of America, Inc., (LEAA) is the nation's largest not for profit, non-partisan coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victims, and concerned citizens dedicated to making America safer.
Source: Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Again, I have no issue with guns and I do not have issues for LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) from carrying concealed, but what I do have is the fact that states, like New Jersey, that did not want anyone to carry concealed (out-of-state LEO included), had no choice but to comply. Failure to comply meant no funding from the feds. So where is the state sovereignty? What happened to the 10th Amendment? And what cop if he or she is involved in an Off duty OIS (Officer Involved Shooting), justified, would want to travel across America to appear before a judge? This is more wasteful government spending the Teabaggers abhor and one less cop out on OUR street.

So if the Teabaggers were truly patriotic and defend the Constitution and are against government waste, I was wondering why weren't they vocal and standing besides the legislature in New Jersey? Probably because the anxiety of thinking may hurt their brains. Oh and finally, did you know that the 'Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act of 2004' in in violation of the 14th Amendment and posse comitatus? Why is it that off duty LEO can carry as civilians and not us? And there was a reason why carrying concealed differed in every's called sovereignty, something the Teabaggers don't understand...apparently.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Julian Assange and Michael Moore vs. Teabaggers

What do Michael Moore and Julian Assange have in common? Both are hated by the Teabaggers and for the wrong reasons...especially Michael Moore.

Tiger Street Journal: "Tigerleaks": Julian Assange is NOT a real truther!

From Day 1 when the wikileaks story came out there was a lot of suspicions on why would the media decided cover it? If the Media didn't cover a major story that you found with all these coverups, you will be declared in my standard a real truther. If the media is constantly repeating the same stories on what i already knew and some neo-con or neo-liberal movie director decides to throw his or her support to Assange. This will raise a red flag if any. But if you were rewarded some big prize from a globalist organization and supports the zionist movement. You are out! This is the case here

When Julian Assange got bail i said great! I think i love this guy. But when i discovered that some of the money was from a neo-liberal American Film Director named Michael Moore i said "Stop RIGHT THERE"! Michael Moore is an anti gun activist, pro-democrat/neo liberal who supported the failed healthcare overhaul in 1995 when Bill and Hillary Clinton were in office! Also supported Obamacare in 2010. All of his films were directed at George Bush BUT NOT Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, or why Obama is a puppet! Why is that? That just comes to show you the shills of so called film directors who expose the lies and pretend to be real people like nobel prize people, medal of honor, etc. For the link on this see here  it was "only" $20k but good enough to raise eyebrows.
I don't know the intent of Julian Assange, but I do like the fact that he is exposing the Bush Crime Family as well as the Obama administration. If it's to promote this Zionist agenda....Bush supported the Rightwing chapter of the Zionist movement, therefore, why would Assange expose the Bush Crime Family as well as the Obama administration? But I digress.Another topic. The health care or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act AKA Obama Care is corrupt as Tiger mentioned. Obama dealt with the drug and insurance companies and both are elated. So I agree that the PPAC is not say, a single payer plan. But what got to me was his distrust or he abhoring Michael Moore's movie Sicko.

Reading Tiger's blog, he's against corporatism. Names like: Rockefeller comes up and he shows his distaste by printing this. But what other avenues are there? Non-profit? Another form of government regulation he detests. Single payer? More government control. Again, he is against corporatism. So what now? No insurance? No medical care? Nothing? Let people die? What now? So lets put aside all of these ideas for a sec and see where his distrust of government-controlled health comes from.

Glenn Beck: Pathway to Single-Payer System

March 22, 2010 - 4:31 ET
It is a big, big weekend.
The health care vote is happening on Sunday and the process (that President Obama doesn't care about) has been so abused that the average person in America has no idea what is even happening.
The Sunday vote would make changes to the Senate-passed bill while deeming the original legislation to have passed the House. Yes, forget the whole "it has to pass both the House and the Senate" thing in the Constitution. No, no — we'll just "deem" that it passed the House.
Congress doesn't seem to mind the fact that Gallup shows their approval rating is the lowest ever: 16 percent. They don't care that 73 percent of America doesn't want this bill. So why are they pushing? Because radicals want this. It's just a pathway to a single-payer system.
Jon Stewart did a segment making fun of me — that I'm crazy, that I'm wrong. It was very funny, but help me out, Jon: Where am I wrong?
Nancy Pelosi said: "We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there'll be more legislation to follow."
Tom Harkin said:
SEN. TOM HARKIN, D-IOWA: As I said before, this bill is not complete. I've used the analogy of a starter home in which we can add additions and enhancements as we go into the future. But like every right that we've ever passed the American people, we revisit it later on to enhance and build on those rights and we will do that here surely.
Now listen to what Joe Biden said about insurance companies:
VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Some of them I say they say, well, Joe, look, man, I mean, you know, you guys haven't messaged this very well. And, you know, this thing has gone on so long, I don't know. And my response is: Hey, man, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I'm telling you: You know, pre-existing, they're going to be covered. You know we're going to control the insurance companies.
So, not only were we right and the Tea Partiers were right, they said this was their plan the whole time:
CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS: Because of some of the, you know, rules about reconciliation, that you actually have to include the student aid bill with the health care bill. This was the plan all along. When the budget came out for 2010, instructions were given for reconciliation for both health care and for student loans.
We were right — they were clearly lying and they were clearly trying to cloud the facts:
SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.
Who's been creating the fog?
What about when the president said this to Bret Baier:
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Now, you keep on repeating the notion that it's one-sixth of the economy. Yes, it's one-sixth of the economy, but we're not transforming one-sixth of the economy all in one fell swoop.
It will be transformed slowly. How do I know this? Compare this week's statement with what he said in 2007:
THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: It is my belief that not just politically but also economically, it's better for us to start getting a system in place — a universal health care system — signed into law by the end of my first term as president and build off that system to further — to make it more rational — by the way, Canada did not start off immediately with a single-payer system. They had a similar transition step.
Transitioning a system is a very difficult and costly and lengthy enterprise. It's not like you could turn on a switch and you go from one system to another.
Thanks, but no thanks. We know what's coming.
Hmmm, Seems like it came from Glenn Beck. Hmmm. So it must be true! But wait, is it? This is a post I did on Glenn Beck's blog. I doubt that he'll answer. And if he does, I would be laughing all the way.This is what I wrote:

Right on Glenn Beck! Single Payer is evil!!!! That Communist Propaganda is tearing the moral fiber of the U.S. and should not mentioned by ANYONE in Congress. It's socialism at its finest and must be quashed forever! Even President George W. Bush detested single payer health care. He hate it so much that he used $1.3 trillion of our money to not ONLY fight a war that had nothing to do with 9/11, but also forced the terrorists to use single payer health care and free education.



FIRST: Civil and Political RightsFIRST: Civil and Political Rights

Article 31:

First: Every citizen has the right to health care. The state takes care of public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and medical institutions.

Second: Individuals and institutions may build hospitals or clinics or places for treatment with the supervision of the state and this shall be regulated by law.

Article 34:

First: Education is a fundamental factor in the progress of society and is a right guaranteed by the state. Primary education is mandatory and the state guarantees to eradicate illiteracy.

Second: Free education is a right for all Iraqis in all its stages.

Third: The State encourages scientific research for peaceful purposes that serve man and supports excellence, creativity, invention and the different aspects of ingenuity.

Fourth: Private and public education is guaranteed. This shall be regulated by law.

Oooo, see that Glenn? The Bush administration required the Iraqi government to promote health and welfare while we as U.S. citizens are not burdened by this. And to top it off, we used OUR money to pay for these terrorists to die!!!! No wait, free education and health care?

Therefore, I wonder if Tiger truly understands that the information he's receiving from his elected officials (presumably a Republican) voted to spend more than $1.2 trillion to fight and kill innocent Iraqi lives (which he abhors), and present the people of Iraq more rights than we in the U.S.? I wonder? No. No need, because, his mind is made up. Socialism is bad. The war is bad. Single payer health is bad. But he like many other teabaggers were silent when Bush was in office. And even if he weren't, he wasn't vocal enough to dissuade his representative from supporting the Iraqi Constitution when we ourselves as a nation cannot receive the same benefits as them.

Greedy pricks!